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History of the manufacturer  

Muirhead & Co. Ltd., Beckenham

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Name: Muirhead & Co. Ltd., Beckenham    (GB)  
Abbreviation: muirhead
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Muirhead & Co. Ltd., Beckenham - Kent

In the years, Muirhead sold several test equipment, usually related to its activities in the telecommunication field.

Founded: 1894
Production: 1894 -
Muirhead was one of the elder firms, involved in telecommunications since the early all electro-mechanic telegraphic equipment, around the mid 19th century. Many items used in telegraphic relays, as multiplexers, recorders and the same distributed constants cables, have been developed by this worldwide known firm.
1894: Messrs Muirhead and Company
1904 - 1999: Muirhead & Co Ltd.
1999 - 2008: Muirhead Aerospace
2008 - : AMETEK Muirhead Aeorspace

This manufacturer was suggested by Emilio Ciardiello.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  80 Répéteur Télégraphie (Relais, Repeater)   Répéteur de télégraphie (Relais, Repeater) 
GB  70 Industrial Weston Reference Cell D-845-A   Keine exakte Standard-Spannung bekannt. Bei einem Gerät in einer Sammlung wurde gem... 
GB  60 Standard Cell D-550-A   1,01859 Volts ABS. AT 20° C.   
GB  58 Decade Oscillator D-890-A 6064  Frequency range 1-11,112 and 10-111,100 Hz 1 inch CRT used with an internal 2 kHz c... 
GB  60 Standard Cell Voltage Reference D-402-C/P   Standard cell voltage reference, also known as Weston cell. 1.01873 volts at 20°C. ... 
GB  70 Standard Cell Voltage Reference K-375-C   Subminiature standard cell voltage reference, also known as Weston cell. 1.01873 volts ... 
GB  30 Test Set - Widerstandsmessbrücke D-30-A   Widerstandsmessbrücke mit drei Betriebsarten: - Wheatstone Bridge - Varley Loop Test - ... 
GB  30 Voltage Dividing Resistor A-201-D   Widerstandsdekade 10,000 Ohm, Spannungsteiler, 4 dekadische Stufenschalter auf Bakelit-Fr... 
GB  70 Attenuator K-45-A   Muirhead K-45-A Attenuator; Three dB labeled controlls, BNC terminals. 
GB  30 Decade Condenser B 21-F   Muirhead Decade Condenser Type B, 21-F; Controls for Tenths, Hundredths & Thousendths. 
GB  54 Decade Oscillator D-650   1 to 11,110 and 10 to 111,100Hz in two bands. 0.2% basic accuracy. 
GB  54 Mufax Chart Transmitter D-658   Fax transmitter for transmission of weather maps. Rotating drum could accept charts measur... 


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