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History of the radio manufacturer  

Bogen, David Co., Inc.; New York (NY)

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Name: Bogen, David Co., Inc.; New York (NY)    (USA)  
alternative name:
David Bogen
Abbreviation: bogen
Products: Model types

David Bogen Co., Inc., New York.

Founded: 1932

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  56 R710 12AT7  AC Operated FM - AM Superheterodyne Tuner. 
USA  52 Baton Amplifier/Preamp/Remote 6SL7GT  Bogen Baton Amplifier/Preamp/Remote. The Baton consists of a Bogen HO10 amplifier, a PX... 
USA  54 2-Station Wireless Phone with "Silent Watchman" unknown  Intercom system, operates on 175 kHz with 1.5 W rf power out. Uses the grid for distrib... 
USA  70 The Challenger Series CHB-10A 12AX7  10 W P.A. Amplifier. 14 W peak. Mic. & phono in.  4,8,16 ohm & 25... 
USA  70 Transistor Mobile Amplifier BT-20A   25 W P.A. Amplifier. 
USA  70 Transistor Amplifier MU1250   Bogen Transistorized Mono Amplifier Model 50Watt Amplifier MU1250.   
USA  61 Challenger CHA33 [5U4] 6AV6  3 channel PA amplifier. 
USA  50 LP16 6SJ7  AC Operated Phonograph with 5 Tube Audio Amplifier. 
USA  50 UP16 6SJ7  AC Operated Phonograph with 5 Tube Audio Amplifier. 
USA  60 RPF 60 unknown  Receiver; with "Stereo Minder". Similar to Bogen RP 60 but FM only. 
USA  49 PX15 12SJ7  Bogen PX15 Phono Amplifier with a frequency response of 30 to 20,000 cps.  
USA  61 Challenger CHA33 [5Y3] 12AX7  Bogen Challenger CHA33 30 watt public address amplifier.   


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