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History of the manufacturer  

Radio Mfg. Engineers, Inc. (RME); Peoria, ILL.

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Name: Radio Mfg. Engineers, Inc. (RME); Peoria, ILL.    (USA)  
Abbreviation: rme-electr
Products: Model types

Production of (mainly) Amateur Receivers in the years before and after WWII, later taken over by Electro-Voice.

Founded: 1931
Closed: 1962
Production: 1932 -
In 1931/32 Radio Manufacturing Engineers was founded by E.G. Shalkhauser (W9CI) and Russ M. Planck (W9RGH), they started producing their first receiver RME-9 in 1932. In 1943 the company moved to 313-315 Bradley Ave and in 1935 to 306 First Ave., Peoria, Ill.,where the company's most famous set, the RME-69 has been produced.
After the War, RME merged with Electro-Voice, Buchanan, Michigan; Planck stayed with the company and supervised the design of a new series of shortwave receivers under the name of Radio Mfg. Engineers, Div. of Electro-Voice Inc.
In 1962 RME Division has been taken ober by G.C. Electronics of Rockford, Ill., the name of RME disappeared within a year.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  39 Frequency Expander RME-510X 6K7  Frequency coverage continuous from 27.8 to 70 MHz in three bands, tuned down to 10... 
USA  46/47 RME 45 [revised] 7B7  General coverage communications receiver covering 540 - 33 MHz in six bands (0,54-1,6 / 1,... 
USA  46/47 RME45 [early] 7B7  General coverage communications receiver covering 540 - 33 MHz in six bands (0,54-1,6 / 1,... 
USA  41–45 RME-43 7B7  Communications receiver covering 540 kHz to 33 MHz in six bands, AM, CW (BFO). Similar to... 
USA  40 High Frequency Receiver HF-30X   Amateur receiver covering 27.8 to 41 and 41 to 60,5 MHz. 
USA  32/33 RME-9 58  Coverage 540 kHz to 22 MHz in five bands, AM, CW (BFO).Single "airplane" dial, "R" meter,L... 
USA  59–62 RME-6900 6BA6  Amateur bands 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 m plus 10.0 - 11.0 MHz band. S-meter. 3.6 kHz (AM), 2.0 k... 
USA  56 Carbon Microphone 208   Noise-cancelling, single-button, carbon mike. 
USA  56 Speech Clipper 100 6SC7  Acessory for phone transmitters, attenuates frequencies above 3000 cps. 
USA  56 Preselector DB-23 6J6  Boosts the gain and signal-to-noise ratio of Amateur receivers. 
USA  56 Converter MC-55 6AK5  Five-band mobile converter for 80-75, 40, 20, 15, 11-10 meters. Filaments could be wired f... 
USA  56 Sideband Detector - Selector RME-4301   Sideband detector-selector for outstanding easy-to-tune SSB reception.