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History of the radio manufacturer  

Taylor Electrical Instruments Ltd.; England

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Name: Taylor Electrical Instruments Ltd.; England    (GB)  
Abbreviation: taylor
Products: Model types

Taylor Electrical Instruments Ltd.; Slough Bucks; England (UK); also known Archcliffe Road, Dover, Kent, England (~1960).


Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  40 All-Wave Signal Generator 65A   Signal generator, covering 100 KHz to 23 MHz in 5 bands, and to 45 MHz in harmonics.&nb... 
GB  43 Universal Taylormeter 83A   4.000 ohms per volt AC & DC 
GB  43 Universal Taylormeter 83C   20.000 ohms per volt AC & DC 
GB  60 Pocket Multimeter 127A Diode  Designated as pocket multimeter.  20,000 OPV on DC & 1000 OPV on AC. 
GB  25 Cap. & Ind. Adaptor 313A   Terminals for capacity or inductive & "Taylormeter". 
GB  55 Windsor Valve Tester 45B    
GB  50 Windsor Television Wobbulator 260A 6L19  RF Oscillator with sweep and marker. It has its own CRT display for the curves. Sweep r... 
GB  55 T.V. Waveform & Alignment Generator 94B    
GB  50–59 Resistance Capacity Bridge 110C 6J5GT  Taylor Capacitance- and Resistance-Bridge 110C; Capacity max. reading: 120 pF to 1.2 µF. 
GB  59 AF/RF Signal Generator 68A [Late model] 12AT7  Ranges: 1) 110-240MHz, 2) 55-110MHz, 3) 30-55MHz, 4) 10-30MHz, 5) 3-10MHz, 6) 1-3MHz, 7) 3... 
GB  60 TV Waveform & Alignment Gen. 94A   Taylor 94A TV Waveform & Alignment Generator; For 405, 525 & 625 lines, 4 - 230 MHz in 7 ... 
GB  48 Windsor All-Wave Signal Generator 65B   Windsor All-Wave Signal-Generator 65B; Signal-Generator, coverage from 100 kHz to 23 MHz,...