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History of the radio manufacturer  

Stella Radio & Television Company Ltd.; London

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Name: Stella Radio & Television Company Ltd.; London    (GB)  
Abbreviation: stella
Products: Model types

Stella Radio & Television Company Ltd., Oxford House, 9-15 Oxford Street, London W1.
It seems that this company may have been under control of Philips because advertisements are similar, and some models are looking like typical Philips models. Who knows more?


Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  64 ST567   Vermerk auf dem Gerät: Made in Holland. 
GB  63 ST567/15 AC125  Also produced as Philips model AG4000/15  with different style case.  
GB  62 Stellaphone ST470/00   Stellaphone ST470 is a portable open reel tape recorder/player.See also a similar Philips ... 
GB  52 ST151A ECH42  In the Stella ST151A manual there is an EM40 in the valve list which is an error. 
GB  60 Stellaphone ST458/00   The models Stellaphone ST458 from Stella and CR1604 from Cossor share the same documentati... 
GB  67 ST543 AC126  Portable battery operated 3 speed record reproducer. 
GB  67 ST463 ECL82  4 track, 2 speed hybrid tape recorder. 
GB  67 ST334A UCC85  Radiogram with auto changer. Electricaly the same as model ST329A & Philips 441A. 
GB  66 ST320A UCH81  Radiogram fitted with a Garrard type Autoslim record changer. Same chassis as Cossor CR150... 
GB  65 ST571A ECL86  Record player fitted with Garrard type AT6 record changer unit. 
GB  65 ST570 OC71  Tropicalised, portable record player. Battery type U2. 
GB  63 ST456 OC58  Transportable tape recorder single speed (3.75 ips), 4 track, max spool size 5.75 inches.