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History of the radio manufacturer  

Channel Master Corp.; USA

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Name: Channel Master Corp.; USA    (USA)  
Abbreviation: channel

Channel Master Corporation. Now (2011) located in Tempe, AZ. Former Headquarters in New Bremen, OH, St. Thomas, Ontario (Can.) and Ellenville, NY. [last based on info from Steven Sostrom].

Manufacturer and importer of consumer products around broadcast, TV and home entertainment, antenna rotators.

Founded: 1949

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  82 Multi-Band PM-6725   Channel Master Portable Multiband Receiver Model PM-6725. Bands: AM 535-160... 
USA  65 Canaveral - Indoor TV Antenna   VHF "Rabbit ears" & UHF dipole antenna, 12 position Uni-switch. 
USA  68 6 Transistor Receiver   Channel Master Portable AM Receiver Model 6 Transistor. Carrying Handle. Made in Ja... 
USA  60 Six Transistor 6528   Identical to Sanyo 6C-19 
USA  70 8 Track Car Stereo Player 6296    
USA  70 6274   Channel Master FM-AM 2 Band Digital Clock Radio Model 6274. Tuning Range: FM 88 - 108... 
USA  57 Super Showman - Indoor TV Antenna   VHF I & III. 
USA  68 Maverick 6 Transistor 6467A   Channel Master 6 Transistor Miniature Pocket AM Radio Model Maverick 6467A. Band Cove... 
USA  63 Six Transistor 6500   Channel Master "Six Transistor" 6500 is similar to Maverick 6500A, which has ... 
USA  66 6466   Earphone jack and 6V EXT. PWR. jack are located on left end. Has 26 inch  chro... 
USA  68 6447   Made by Sanyo in Japan. 
USA  63 Solid State 6 Transistor 6562A    


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