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History of the radio manufacturer  

Hacker Radio Ltd., Maidenhead

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Name: Hacker Radio Ltd., Maidenhead    (GB)  
Abbreviation: hacker
Products: Model types

Hacker Radio Ltd. began production in 1960 in Maidenhead and went into receivership in 1975. The company was sold and changed it's name to Hacker Sound Ltd. Production moved from Maidenhead to Bournemouth shortly afterwards. See entry for Hacker Sound Ltd. for further information.

Founded: 1960
Closed: 1975
Production: 1960 - 1975

This manufacturer was suggested by Juan Antonio Pardo-Alonso.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  63 Cavalier GP15 ECL86  Record Changer Types; Garrard Auto Slim or Garrard Auto Slim Deluxe AT6. Cartridge; G... 
GB  70 Grenadier GP45 BC159  Record deck either Garrard 2025TC automatic changer, or Garrard SP25 Mk III single play... 
GB  70 Grenadier SA45 BC159  Speaker 10 x 6 inches For use with the Hacker Grenadier GP45 Record Player. 
GB  73 Talisman Stereo Unit SA46 BC319  Loudspeaker 10 x 6 inches. Power amplifier consists of an IC (MFC8020A) driving BD187... 
GB  71 Centurion - High Fidelity Units Series 500    
GB  73 RP74MB BF195  Equivalent to Black Knight RP74 model, but includes power supply for 240V line in addit... 
GB  68 Hunter RP38 BF184  Black leathercloth covered wooden case. Automatic AFC on FM. Elliptical loudspeaker 8 x 5 ... 
GB  61 Mayflower RV14 ECC85  FM only 88-108 MHz. Westinghouse full wave selenium rectifier. Elliptical loudspeaker 10 x... 
GB  69 Gondolier GP42 ECL86  Fitted with a Garrard SP25 Mk II single play deck but it was also available with a Garrard... 
GB  68 GAR1000   Class A 10 W rms per channel with 15 ohm speakers or 15 W per channel class AB with 8 Ohm ... 
GB  74 Super Sovereign RP75-MB   1 IC, 7 diodes. 7 x 5 inch loudspeaker. Sockets for AM and FM aerials, tape recorder and e... 
GB  62/63 Mini-Herald RP17 AF117  6 × 4 inch elliptical loudspeaker. Sockets for earphone and external aerial.