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Kriesler Radio Company; Newtown (Sydney)

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Name: Kriesler Radio Company; Newtown (Sydney)    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: kriesler
Products: Model types

Kriesler Radio Company; 43 Alice Street, Newtown, Sydney, Australia: Founded about 1928 but sold to Philips in 1950. Australian production until 1973, name being used until 1983. In the 1950's the Kriesler Radio Company was ranked third in Australia's as a radio manufacturer.

Kriesler Radio Company in Newtown, Sydney was founded by Alec, Leo and Rae Weingott in Alice Street round about 1928. BIt manufactured mainly stencil lines for music houses, such as Elvy's and Palings. In 1933 the company was in trouble and liquidation seemed unavoidable. Kriesler was, by this time, one of the 243 registered radio manufacturers in Australia.

Percy Tuit, who had made his money from a hosiery wholesaling business, offered to buy the Kriesler Radio Company, and loaned the youngest Weingott (Rae) sufficient capital to take up a 49% interest. Kriesler continued to make stencil brands, but realised its own brand name was worth concentrating upon and did so.

Rae Weingott had flair was the master of the remotely controlled "magic lantern" and "voice over" techniques, well before it was used by others. One would believe he was presenting a new season's range of motor vehicles, not mere radios.

Ray Robinson on his HP, taken from "THE KRIESLER STORY", Fred Lane. Radio Waves Number 38, October 1991:
"Kriesler made a great contribution to Australia's 1939-1945 war effort, as the special Mingay's edition commemorating the effort of the Australian radio makers will testify. After the war, Kriesler put to good use its special "put aside" advertising account and that, plus inspirational phrases from Rae Weingott, such as: "Mirrorscopic Tuning", "Triple Throat", and those "Three Little Words - Kriesler Triple Throat"; resulted in Kriesler being ranked third in Australia's radio manufacturers prior to the advent of television in Australia in 1956."

"Perce and Rae sold Kriesler to Philips in about 1950 because they did not have the money to go into television without going public. They also believed their loyal staff worthy of care and what they did was best for them. The rationalisation of the Australian radio industry after 1973 included, in due course, the demise of the truly Australian Kriesler Radio brand name. The Caringbah - Sydney factory was closed in 1982 and the KRIESLER brand left the Australian market 31st December 1983."

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  62 Triple Throat Special Console 121-44 Ch= 79-4A 6ES8  Has a remote control Cabinet finishes available in Walnut, Maple & Rose Mahogany. 
AUS  65 Super Fringe Cinescope Manual Console RM92 Ch= 79-17 6ES8  Cabinet finishes available in Maple, Walnut & Rosewood. 
AUS  65 Cinescope Wide-Line Manual RM97 Ch= 79-16 6ES8  Cabinet finishes available in Maple, Walnut & Rosewood. 
AUS  65 Versatile V3 Ch= 79-16B 6ES8  Same style & appearance of Versatile models V1 & V3, except the stand with this mo... 
AUS  65 Futureline Clock-Matic DA91 Ch= 79-16 6ES8  Fully automatic TV with clock & chairside remote. Cabinet finishes available in Wal... 
AUS  66 Stereosonic 11-101A 6AN7  Updated version of model Stereosonic 11-101. Major differences in styling compared to prev... 
AUS  61 Magi-Matic Manual Console 121-41 Ch= 79-5 6ES8  Cabinet finishes available in Maple, Walnut & Rosewood. 
AUS  61 Manual Consolette 121-35 Ch= 79-3 6ES8   
AUS  61 Manual Console 121-31 Ch=79-4 6ES8  Cabinet finishes available in Walnut, Maple & Rose Mahogany. 
AUS  61 Manual Consolette 121-30 Ch=79-4 6ES8  Height includes detatchable legs of 4½" each. Cabinet finishes available in Walnut, Map... 
AUS  60 Powermatic Hi-Line Console Deluxe 121-28 Ch= 79-3 6ES8  Height includes detachable screw-on legs at 10" length each. Cabinet finishes available... 
AUS  65 V-8 Dual Power 21-11 AF116N  Apart from the additional AC power supply this model is electrically identical to model V-... 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Logo in ~1965. Thanks for Mr.Sik Béla, Hungary, Budapest and Első Zalai Rádiómúzeum Alapítvány, First Zala County Radio Museum Foundation.tbn_aus_kriesler_logo.jpg
Kriesler advertisement from the “Australian Telecommunications at War” edition of the Radio & Electrical Retailer, May 2, 1946 listing products manufactured for the war effort.tbn_aus_kriesler_at_war_ad_1946.jpg
Kriesler advertisement from The Australian Women's Weekly, Wednesday 24 June 1981, page 116tbn_aus_kriesler_ad_1981.jpg
Mr Percy Tuit visits Perth Western Australia. From the Sunday Times, (WA), may 17, 1936.tbn_aus_kriesler_tuit_1936.jpg
From the Sunday Times, (WA), May 24, 1935.tbn_aus_kriesler_ad_1935.jpg

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Kriesler Radio Company; Newtown (Sydney)
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Identifying an Australian Kriesler Radio
Wolfgang Scheida

Dear Australian radio collectors,

on the enclosed pics you will see my emigrated great-uncle Mr. Egon Herndl in approximately 1960 in Melbourne - Australia († 1960).

Australia Melbourne - Egon Herndl 1960 with a Kriesler Radio

Kriesler radio in detail: Australia Kriesler Radio approx. 1960

It seems that he used two radios. A Kriesler Radio/Phono combination as well as an unknown portable style radio. 

Australia Melbourne - Sydney / Mr. Egon Herndl with an unknown portable radio


Australia unknown portable radio

If you knowing this radios or even my great-uncle Egon Herndl too please do not hesitate to send me an email.


8/2008 W. Scheida Austria/Europe   



Kriesler Radio Company; Newtown (Sydney)
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