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History of the radio manufacturer  

Sentinel Radio Corp., Evanston, Illinois

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Name: Sentinel Radio Corp., Evanston, Illinois    (USA)  
Erla || Lightweight Champion || Wings
Abbreviation: sentinel
Products: Model types

Sentinel Radio Corp.; 2020 Ridge Avenue, Evanstone, Illinois - Trade names Burley, Erla, Lightweight Champion, Musicaire, Sentinel, Wings.
Also: United Air Cleaner Corp.; USA

Sentinel was in the 20's the trade name of United Air Cleaner Corp.;
A merger end 20's with Erla and other companies failed and went into receivership. Erla reorganised as a private company in 1931, and apparently bought Sentinel between 1931 and 1934, where it continued to manufacture as Sentinel Radio Corporation.
Sentinel produced radios for an unknown number of private labels (twenty to thirty), some for export. The company name ERLA was still retained until 1945.
e.g. Musicaire was made for Coast to Coast Stores.
In March 1956 Sentinel's assets were sold to Magnavox.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  35 5721 [6 tubes]    
USA  36 4236   DC-model. 
USA  36 4235   DC-model. 
USA  41 E-212-O 1U-212(-UL) [ivory/onyx/beetle] 12SK7  Ivory/Onyx (Beetle) Plastic Case. 
USA  36 52A (52A110) [95-260V mains] 6A7  Three bands with tuning ranges 540 to 1720 kc, 1.7 to 5.6 and 5.8 to 18.1 Mc. AVC, vari... 
USA  32 A6    
USA  31 111 [5 tubes]    
USA  36 4231   DC-model. 
USA  39 118 BCT    
USA  38 4230   DC-model.   
USA  41 248-G 12SA7  Phonograph operation on AC only. 
USA  33 620 57  The Sentinel 620 is an AC operated 6 tube BC and Police band receiver. 


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