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History of the manufacturer  

Measurements Corporation, Boonton NJ

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Name: Measurements Corporation, Boonton NJ    (USA)  
Abbreviation: measurem
Products: Model types

Measurements Corporation, Boonton NJ, built a precision line of laboratory standards designed for radio, television and many other branches of the electronic industry.

Founded: 1940
Closed: 1954
First news of Measurements Corporation, Boonton NJ, date back to 1940. President was Harry W. Houck, who had worked with Capt. Edwin H. Armstrong during the World War I and later to the first superheterodyne sets. In few years Measurements become one of the outstanding developers and manufacturers of a precision line of laboratory standards designed for radio, television and many other branches of the electronic industry. In July 1953 Measurements was purchased by Thomas A. Edison Incorporated of West Orange, New Jersey.

This manufacturer was suggested by Emilio Ciardiello.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  56 Standard FM Signal Generator 210B 5654  Frequency range: 148 MHz to 179 MHz Output level: 0,1µV to 100 mV FM modulation... 
USA  39 Pulse Generator 79-B 6C5  Pulse generator capable of generating pulses with a width of less than 0.5 microseconds to... 
USA  56 Standard FM Signal Generator 210A   We have not yet the data. 
USA  57 Square Wave Generator 72   5 Hz to 5 MHz in 18 steps. 20 ns risetime. 
USA  47–55 Megacycle Meter 59 (grid dip) 955  The model 59 was a grid dip meter covering from 2.2 to 400 MHz. The equipment included one... 
USA  56 Crystal Calibrator 111-B 12AX7  Calibrator with three crystal controlled oscillators, 0.1, 1 and 10 MHz. Generates harm... 
USA  56 Crystal Calibrator 111   This calibrator included three crystal controlled oscillators, 0.25, 1 and 10 MHz, to gene... 
USA  56 Intermodulation Meter 31   This equipment included two generators, 60 and 3000 Hz, plus the analyzer voltmeter. 
USA  56 Television Generator 90   This equipment generated TV signals. Output frequency from 20 to 250 MHz in eight ranges. ... 
USA  56 UHF Megacycle Meter 59-UHF   The model 59 UHF was a UHF grid dip meter, covering from 430 to 940 MHz in a single band. ... 
USA  56 Peak-to-peak Voltmeter 67   This AC voltmeter measured peak to peak values from 0.5 mV to 300 V over five ranges. 
USA  56 Field Strength Meter 58   This 'portable' instrument measured signal to noise ratio, noise levels and field strenght...