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History of the manufacturer  

Claricon, World Mark Electronics Inc.; Pittsburgh (PA)

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Name: Claricon, World Mark Electronics Inc.; Pittsburgh (PA)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: claricon
Products: Model types Others

Claricon, Import label of: World Mark Electronics Inc.; Oliver Building, Mellon Square c/o CT Corporation System, Pittsburgh, PA (3/1961).

Also: World Mark Electronics Inc.; New Jersey (9/1966).

Importer/manufacturer of Japanese made tube & transistor radios as well as receivers, microphones and electronic accessories in the 1950s - 1970s.


This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  75 9 TR Transceiver - Walkie-Talkie 15-060   AM. 100 mW RF Pin. World Mark Electronics, Inc., Made in Japan. 
USA  70 Citizens Band Transceiver Professional 15-430   27MHz; 2 Channels; RFout 3W. 
USA  75 Citizen´s Band Transceiver - Walkie-Talkie 15-050   AM. 100 mW RF Pin. World Mark Electronics, Inc., Made in Japan. 
USA  70 9 TR Transceiver - Walkie-Talkie 15-080   Single AM channel. Made in Japan. 
USA  70 Headphones 85-287    
USA  68 Volt-Meter 76-850   Claricon Volt-Meter Model 76-850. 
USA  70 Super Deluxe Tape Recorder FT-108   Claricon 5 Transistor Portable Tape Recorder Model Super Deluxe FT-108. Push Button O... 
USA  70 Eight Transistor TR-826/842 2SA30   
USA  70 8 Track Stereo 33-840   Claricon 8 Track Stereo Model 33-840.AM/FM Stereo Receiver, AFC, Loudness, Bass- and Trebl... 
USA  70 Solid-State Stereophonic 36-145   Claricon Solid-State Stereophonic Model 36-145.Stereo Receiver, Inputs Phono (MM and MC), ... 
USA  60 Public Address Amplifier 44-100 12AX7  Inputs: 2x Mic + Aux. 
USA  66 Claricon 48-050   Tape recorder/player; tape speeds 3 3/4", 1 7/8"; 3" reels; half track.