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Bryce Ringwood, South Africa - Radio collection

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Photo Bryce Ringwood

Below you find a part of the radio collection Bryce Ringwood - including other related items.

For reasons of space have to keep the collection down to a few. I repair vintage radios as a paying hobby. I keep records of them for interest. Call sign used to be G8ARY many years ago when I lived in UK. I began my hobby by building a crystal set radio using Ivalek headphones, Repanco coil and Jackson Bros variable capacitor (which I still have!). It really didn't work very well. I used to listen to short wave on my Dad's radio and later on a Wireless Set No. 19. I tried without success to receive the first Sputnik using an R208 receiver on 20 and 40 MHz. I built my own receivers and transmitters for the amateur 70cm band and had a contact from Leeds in the UK with a Norwegian station using my 4X150A homebrew transmitter. Before leaving England for South Africa, I hurriedly built a five band shortwave receiver to listen to the BBC. On arrival, I more or less gave up radio for 20 years until a colleague presented me with a very broken NC 100. (Meanwhile, I had been very busy making electronic equipment for strain measurement and helping my children with radio control.) The NC 100 seems to have acted like a magnet, attracting all sorts of strange equipment to make a collection of sorts. My Wife bought the Phantom de Luxe for my Birthday.
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Part of the radio collection of Bryce Ringwood. These pictures have been uploaded to the corresponding models by Bryce Ringwood but this is not necessarily all of Bryce Ringwood's collection.

USA:  Scott Radio Labs.(E.H., Transforme...
1939 : Waverly Grande
CABINET only ref.88

Another view of Waverly Grande fitted with Phantom de Luxe chassis (without...
USA:  Tektronix; Portland, OR
1955–64 : Plug-In-Unit
Type D 53/54D

USA:  Tektronix; Portland, OR
1957–71 : Transistor Curve Tracer

The 575 can be used to calculate Hfe, as in this photo for a type 2905A tra...
USA:  Tektronix; Portland, OR
1959 : Plug-in unit
Type Q

USA:  Tektronix; Portland, OR
1960 : High Current Adaptor for 575

This instrument is extremely heavy. I did my best to photograph it where it...
USA:  Tektronix; Portland, OR
1960 : Test-Load Plug-In Unit
Type TU-2

USA:  Tektronix; Portland, OR
1964 ?: Oscilloscope

USA:  Tektronix; Portland, OR
1966 : Storage Oscilloscope

Storage is achieved using a special storage CRT, rather than the digital te...
USA:  Zenith Radio Corp.; Chicago, IL
1957 : Royal 300
Ch=7AT42 (7AT42Z1)

This has been in the family since 1957
USA:  Zenith Radio Corp.; Chicago, IL
1961/61 ?: Trans-Oceanic Royal 1000
Ch= 9HT40Z2

ZA:  Barlow-Wadley; South Africa
1971 ?: National Panasonic
CR-565 EN

The original knobs disintegrated. These are very similar.
ZA:  Barlow-Wadley; South Africa
1973–76 : 
XCR-30 Mark 2 (II)

This set has the TAA612B audio IC.
ZA:  BayGen Products PTY South Africa; ...
1999 ??: Freeplay
FPR2S solar

ZA:  Unknown - CUSTOM BUILT: South Africa
1960 ??: Walkie Talkie
A39SA Mk1

ZZ:  Marconi Instruments, Marconi-Ekco ...
1960 : FM Signal Generator

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