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Audio Clip - #3161 * Musik - music*
 Carillon CHU-25 (Schulmerich Electronics Inc; Sellersville (PA))


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Music 2 minutes MP3  1.97 MB
Hank Kaczmarski  14.Dec.2011
Record date 14.Dec.2011
Recorded by Hank Kaczmarski
Recording device Alesis PalmTrack
John Cage's "Music for Carillon #2" performed by Camille Goudeseune on the two-octave electronic Schulmerich CHU-25 Carillon Chime Unit. The acceptance of electronic carillons in the United States was much greater than in Europe and by the 1950s, several manufacturers had populated the smaller church buildings with vacuum tube carillons playing music either generated from a 25-key keyboard driving solenoids, striking rods or more commonly, through a paper punch-tape roll similar to the very popular player piano rolls. The punch-tape carillons at least drove those same brass or steel rods with magnetic pickups, thus being able to generate the harmonics necessary to simulate a bronze bell unlike the later carillons using cartridge tape or now digital memory with audio files pre-recorded, thereby completely eliminating the intermediate chime unit. John Cage was fascinated by the uncontrollable duration of a note played on a chime electronic carillon and wrote a series of compositions during the 1950's and modified through the 1960's. #2 was written in Brooklyn, N.Y., initially on January 20, 1954 (original graph-version)and later (5/24/58), modified at Stony Point, N.Y. as the here-recorded 2-octave version. The composition was dedicated to David Tudor on his birthday 1954.
USA_Schulmerich_CHU_25_music_score.png (1115915)
Hank Kaczmarski15.Dec.2011
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copy of original music score for "Music for Carillon No.2 by John Cage (1954)



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