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Audio Clip - #3181 * Musik - music*
 Carillon CHU-25 (Schulmerich Electronics Inc; Sellersville (PA))


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Music 2 minutes MP3  2.01 MB
Hank Kaczmarski  15.Dec.2011
Broadcast from (year) 1954
Record date 14.Dec.2011
Recorded by Hank Kaczmarski
Recording device Alesis PalmTrack
"Music for Carillon No.3" is a composition by John Cage played by Camille Goudeseune on the two-octave Schulmerich CHU-25 carillon chime unit and Schulmerich wood-cased keyboard shown in the pictures. The recording was made using only the built-in 10 watt tube amplifier and integral speaker in a large (30'x30'x14' tall) room to try to enhance the reverberation effects of the chime unit. "Music for Carillon No.3" is described in the New York Public Library file as: Dated:Brooklyn, N.Y., January [20], 1954 (original graph-version); January 1961, Middletown, Connecticut (2-octave version). Instrumentation: carillon. Dedication: For David Tudor on his birthday 1954. Manuscript: Score of graph version of Music for Carillon Nos.2 and 3: Cage made the original score on a single piece of cardboard, by punching holes through it, by means of a pin. This score has 3 systems. Music for Carillon No.2 should be played reading the score from top to bottom, Music for Carillon No.3 by turning the page upside down (180 degree rotation). The work is graphed in a space where time is horizontal and pitch vertical. Cage made a 2-octave version in 1961, but he indicates that versions for any range (and any duration) may be made. John Cage (1912-1992) was the life partner of Merce Cunningham.



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