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Recording Details (Shutdown of MW transmitters in CZE 23:00 UTC: Liblice 2 and Ostrava)

Overview Cohiradia
Recording Date 2021-12-31 23:30
Duration 1800 Seconds
Recording Location Graz, Austria (AT) (15° 26′ 17″ O / 47° 4′ 16″ N)
Band MW
Frequency Range 475 kHz - 1725 kHz
Bandwidth 1250 kHz
Recording Device SDR, 14 bit, Red Pitaya Stemlab125-14, COHIRADIA-RFCorder
Antenna wire antenna 20m vs earth gnd
Band Middle Frequency 1100 kHz
Encoding ci16
Filter Chebyshev bandpass 4th order, 500 – 1700 kHz
Pre-Amplifier Settings 3 x AD811, overall gain ca 45dB
Notes Shutdown of MW transmitters in CZE 23:00 UTC: 639kHz RKS Liblice 2 and Ostrava; 954 kHz Dobrochov, Ceske Budejovice, Karlovy Vary; 1071kHz Ostrava; 1332kHz Moravske Budejovice; Program: Cesky rozhlas Dvojka
Recorded by Hermann Scharfetter / 2023-02-04 17:52
Download Link Download (RFCorder, SDRUno, SDR#)