Recording Details

Last transmission of RTE on 252kHz: Last 15min, RX Luzern

Recording Date
2023-04-14 22:50:20+01:00
3919 Seconds
Recording Location
Luzern, Switzerland (CH) (08° 18′ 49″ O / 47° 3′ 38″ N)
Frequency Range
111.87 kHz - 361.87 kHz
250.0 kHz
Recording Device
Wellbrook ALA1530LN together with WiMo QRM Eliminator plus auxiliary loop
Band Middle Frequency
236.87 kHz
intrinsic filters of the SDR
Pre-Amplifier Settings
no preamp
Closure of RTE on LW, RX Luzern by Gianni Müller; interferences from Algeria 254kHz; the Wellbrook Loop was oriented for maximum SNR on RTE and the QRM canceller was used together with an auxiliary loop to further suppress the Algerian transmitter
Recorded by
Gianni Müller


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Radio Stations

Frequency SNR S-Level Country Programme TX Site TX Power Remarks
129,1 kHz 50 D DCF49 Mainflingen EFR Funkruf
135,6 kHz 55 HNG HGA22 Lakihegy EFR Funkruf HNG
139 kHz 45 D DCF39 Burg EFR Funkruf
147,3 kHz 20 D DDH47 Pinneberg/Haidkamp
153 kHz 50 ROU Antena Satelor Brasov
162 kHz 60 F Zeitzeichen Allouis
171 kHz 31 MRC Medi 1 Nador MRC
189 kHz 20 ISL RÚV Rás 1/RÚV Rás 2 Gufuskalar
198 kHz 60 G BBC4 Droitwich
225 kHz 45 POL Jedynka Solec Kujawski
252 kHz 45 IRL, interference w ALG RTE1, interference w Chaine 3 Dublin
252 kHz -- ALG, interferent on IRL Chaîne 3 Tipaza