Recording Details

New Year's Memories 22/23: New Year's Eve on LW, RX Luzern

Recording Date
2022-12-31 22:24:41+01:00
2713 Seconds
Recording Location
Luzern, Switzerland (CH) (08° 18′ 49″ O / 47° 3′ 38″ N)
Frequency Range
90.0 kHz - 340.0 kHz
250.0 kHz
Recording Device
Wellbrook ALA1530LN
Band Middle Frequency
215.0 kHz
intrinsic filters of the SDR
Pre-Amplifier Settings
no preamp
This recording is in synchrony with the other ones on 31-12-2022 in the series 'New Year's memories 2022/23'; the series represents a unique package with synchronous snapshots of the AM spectrum at several different sites of the world; see also the MW spectrum of this recording in the same package. Luxembourg effect on 162kHz and 198kHz (RTL)
Recorded by
Gianni Müller


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Radio Stations

Frequency SNR S-Level Country Programme TX Site TX Power Remarks
129,1 kHz 60 D DCF49 Mainflingen EFR Funkruf
135,6 kHz 40 HNG" HGA22 Lakihegy EFR Funkruf HNG
139 kHz 50 D DCF39 Burg EFR Funkruf
147,3 kHz 25 D DDH47 Pinneberg/Haidkamp
153 kHz 30 ROU Antena Satelor Brasov
162 kHz 60 F Zeitzeichen Allouis
171 kHz 42 MRC Medi 1 Nador MRC
189 kHz 20 ISL RÚV Rás 1/RÚV Rás 2 Gufuskalar
198 kHz 45 G BBC4 Droitwich
207 kHz 30 ISL RÚV Rás 1/RÚV Rás 2 Eiðar
225 kHz 50 POL Jedynka Solec Kujawski
234 kHz 70 LUX RTL Beidweiler
252 kHz beat, 60 ALG, interference w IRL Chaîne 3, interference w RTE1 Tipaza