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History of the manufacturer  

Elpico (Brand), Lee Products (Great Britain), Ltd.; London

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Name: Elpico (Brand), Lee Products (Great Britain), Ltd.; London    (GB)  
Abbreviation: elpico
Products: Model types Brand

Lee Products (Great Britain), Ltd.
Radio House, 48 East Street, Brihton, Sussex (1946)
Elpico House, Great Eastern Street, London E.C.2. (1949).
Elpico House, Longford Street, London N.W.1. (1959)
10-18 Clifton Street, London E.C.2. (1961 - 1969).

Brand: Elpico

Manufacturers and Distributors of Radio Equipment including Tape Recorders, Amplifiers, Cabinets, Chassis, Chokes, Coils, Coil-packs, Electronic Components, Suppressors, Transformers, etc.

Maker of “Elpico” branded tape recorders, radios, amplifiers, etc.

Seller of “Elpico” branded valves from the mid1950s.

Founded: 1946
Production: 1946 -

Gordon S. Lee was chairman and managing director in 1952 and founded the company around 1946. [1]

In April 1946, Lee Products Ltd., advertised complete kits of parts together with wiring diagrams and instructions for radio receivers. Kit 3 is a five-valve A.C. D.C. three-waveband receiver; Kit 2 is a four-valve, and Kit 5 is a six-valve job. [2]

At the Radiolympia exhibition in October 1947, the company presented kits of parts and circuit diagrams for the construction of radio receivers. They were available for export as well as for the home market and included amplifiers, TRF, and superhet receivers. [3]

In July 1949 Lee advertised a notice of Change of Address of Lee Products (Great Britain), Ltd., and their head office and main distributing centre are now at 90, Great Eastern Street, London, E.C.2. [4]

The first use of the brand name Elpico seems to be on a range of car radio antennas introduced in September 1950. [5] This was soon followed by a range of amplifiers and radios under the Elpico brand.

In 1957, a range of Elpico-branded valves and CRTs were introduced and the manufacturer is not known.

In 1958, a range of Italian-made radios, tape recorders, and FM tuners was introduced under the “Geloso” brand.

In late 1959 The Dulci company was taken over by Lee Products however the Dulci factory continued to produce equipment under the Dulci brand. [6]

In 1962, was the sole UK distributor of “General” transistor radios (from Japan). For a time up to 1970, they were the UK distributor of Hitachi products. 

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This manufacturer was suggested by Keith Staines.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  62 Elpico TP1    
GB  66 Elpico RV67    
GB  67 Elpico 92    
GB  62 Elpico CR575 AF117   
GB  61 Elpico RP590 PCL82   
GB  61 Elpico RP460 UL84   
GB  69 Elpico Essex TR862    
GB  62 Elpico CR412 12AD6  Hybrid car radio 12 volt HT valves with two transistor audio amplifier. 
GB  62 Elpico TR702 ECC83  Tape recorder, single speed (3.75 ips), dual track, BSR tape deck. 
GB  62 Elpico TR704 Mk 1 ECC83  Tape recorder, single speed (3.75 ips), 4 track, BSR tape deck. 
GB  62 Elpico TR600 ECC83  Tape recorder, single speed (3.75 ips), 4 track, BSR tape deck. 
GB  62 Elpico CR116 12AC6  Hybrid car radio 12 volt HT valves with single transistor output stage. 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

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