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Frelat N.V.; Amsterdam

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Name: Frelat N.V.; Amsterdam    (NL)  
Abbreviation: frelat
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

Frelat N.V.; Amsterdam, was mainly a manufacturer of radio parts, but also sold a radio construction kit (Pan Europa). Between the end of 1924 till mid 1929 they sold Heussen made radiotubes with brand names like Fama, Famar, Rairy and Frelat.

Founded: 1924
Closed: 1948
Production: 1924 -
Frelat N.V. was mainly a manufacturer of radio parts, but also sold a radio construction kit (Pan Europa).

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Frelat ad unsourced c. 1925tbn_frelat_unsourced_c_1925.jpg

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Frelat N.V.; Amsterdam
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Frelat; Amsterdam
Peter den Boer

N.V. Frelat Export Maatschappij
1924: Singel 69, Amsterdam
1926: Keizersgracht, Amsterdam
1940: Haarlemmermeerstraat 105, Amsterdam
Two merchants in Amsterdam, B.T. W. Parson and J.W. Verhoef founded Frelat on the 27th of March 1924. Walter Gerhard Freudenthal was born on 1-2-1897 in Breslau, Germany; he became managing director and took Dutch nationality on 2-7-1934.
The first address of Frelat was the home address of Freudenthal.
Frelat was a wholesale trader in radio parts with many import and export activities.
During the German occupation (1940-1945), one of the aims of the “Reichskommissariat” was to reduce the influence of Jewish companies. Because of this reason, Frelat (amongst others) was put under the control of the “Omnia Treuhandgesellschaft” mbH at The Hague, which closed the company on 29 September 1942.
Frelat radio tubes. Frelat should also be listed as “tube manufacturer.
Frelat sold Heussen tubes exclusively during the period mid 1924 until mid 1929. But the Heussen brand was not used and the brand disappeared from the market. Frelat sold Heussen made tubes with brand names like FAMA, FAMAR, FAIRY and FRELAT. Many times the same tube was sold under more than one brand en exported all over the world.
H.D. ZEALANDER & CO., St John’s House, 126-127 Minories, London E1 sold FAMA and FAMAR tubes in 1925. 1) 2)
Frelat tubes were sold by L. Kremmer, 49a Shudehill, Manchester  1)
Germany: In the magazine “Der Radiohändler, 1927” is a list with 11 Frelat tubes.
In “Tube Collector” of the “Tube Collectors Association” (US), Vol 7. No.6, December 2005 is an article of Abel Santoro, called “Valves in the Argentine Market of the ‘20s”. In the list of 1924-1925 you can find the tubes:
Fama 4 V @ 0,25 A $ 7.00 Holland
Fama 14/100 (detector) $ 7.80 Holland
Fama 14/100 (amplifier) $ 8.00 Holland
I have found a photo of a Frelat type DKP with box on a website in New Zeeland.
Remark: “Saga of the Vacuum Tube” also mentions the brands Champion and Neutral. But I have not found any proof for the existence of these tubes.
1. See the book “History of the British Radio Valves to 1940” by Keith R. Thrower, ISBN 0 9520684 0 9
2. See the book “Saga of the Vacuum Tube” by Gerald F.J. Tyne, ISBN 0 672 211470 9

Frelat N.V.; Amsterdam
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