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Star (tube brand) - made in Holland

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Name: Star (tube brand) - made in Holland    (USA)  
Abbreviation: star-tubes
Products: Brand

Brand used by Philips for UV201A and UV199 exported to the USA. See Tyne, "Saga of the Vacuum Tube" pp.428-429. 

See the similar brand Peerless (tubes).

Founded: 1923

This manufacturer was suggested by Alan Scott Douglas † 16.11.15.


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Star (tube brand) - made in Holland
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Star and Peerless tubes 1923-1924
Alan Scott Douglas † 16.11.15

 In "The Saga of the Vacuum Tube" (pp.428-429) Jerry Tyne told how Philips attempted to export tubes to the USA under the brand name "Star".  He showed a Star 201A.  I have a Star UV199 (the etched marking is "306") and also an identical tube marked Peerless and "made in Holland".  These are nearly identical to the Philips A410, both the internal construction and the ratings.  The Star and Peerless are etched 3V .06A and 20-100V; while the A410 is etched 3.5V .06A and 40-100V.  As a point of reference, the RCA UV199 was rated at 3V and .06A originally, soon changed to 3.3V .063A to add a safety margin.

Since very little has been published regarding Star or Peerless tubes, there may be more of them in collections, lying unrecognized.

Front and back views of the Star and Peerless tubes

Front and back views of the Star and Peerless tubes.

Showing the etched markings.

    Compare these with a Philips A410.                 Another view of the A410.

     Interior construction of the A410.               Interior construction of the Star

Peter den Boer

If you go to the website: . you can see a photo of a Star Detector, which looks a lot like a Philips DIV. If you go to the website: , you can see a photo of a Peerless type C-5 and its box, which is equal to the UV201A. In my collection I have a Philips A310 with the same shape, seize and base as the Star 306 and Peerless tube, as shown in the article of Alan Douglas. The Star 306 and Peerless tube have a gain of 6 and the A310 has a gain of 10, but the saturnation current of the A310 is somewhat less. But filament voltage and current and the anode voltage is the same.

The Philips A310.

Star (tube brand) - made in Holland
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