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History of the manufacturer  

Gross Radio, Inc.; New York, NY

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Name: Gross Radio, Inc.; New York, NY    (USA)  
Abbreviation: grossrad
Products: Model types Brand

Gross Radio Inc., New York City

25 Warren Street (Sept. 1931)
51 Vesey Street (1933)

Gross Radio, Inc. was a radio parts supply store on the "Radio Row" of NYC, owned by Jerry Gross. They also produced their own radios and transmitters during the 1930s, of which the Eagle shortwave receiver was probably the most notable.

The company sold Gross brand tubes which were made for them.

Founded: 1931

This manufacturer was suggested by Wayne Childress.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  33 Eagle 232  Utilizing four plug-in coils (4-prong), the Eagle covers 10 to 200 meters.  Its mo... 
USA  34 CB-100 47  The Gross CB-100 is a 100 watt transmitter, operating on the 20, 40, 80 and 160 meter band... 
USA  33 Modulator/Power Supply GC-45-B 57  The Gross Radio GC-45-B is a combination modulator amplifier and power supply unit for the... 
USA  34 CW Transmitter CP-100   The Gross CP-100 is a CW transmitter, covering all amateur band frequencies with an output... 
USA  34 NATICO TR-1 30  The Gross NATICO TR-1 is a portable transceiver operating on the former 5 meter amateur ba... 
USA  34 NATICO TR-2 76  The Gross NATICO TR-2 is a mobile transceiver designed for 6VDC storage batteries or 6 vol... 
USA  33 Power Supply PS-100   The Gross Radio PS-100 is the power supply for the Gross Radio GC-100 transmitter. 
USA  33 Transmitter GC-100 247  The Gross Radio GC-100 is a 100 watt CW transmitter for amateur use. The Gross Radio PS... 
USA  33 Transmitter GC-30 247  The Gross Radio GC-30 is a 30 watt CW transmitter for amateur use. 
USA  33 Transmitter GC-45 247  The Gross Radio GC-45 is a 45 watt CW transmitter for amateur use. The Gross Radio... 
USA  34 NATICO TR-3 76  The Gross NATICO TR-3 is a portable transceiver operating in the former amateur 5 meter ba... 
USA  34 Transmitter CW-100 47  The Gross CW-100 is a CW transmitter, covering the 20, 40, 80 and 160 meter amateur bands&... 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Gross Radio logo from 1933 advertisement.tbn_gross_radio_inc_logo.jpg
Gross Radio ad from February 1934 QST (page 6), depicting a complete amateur station comprising of all Gross Radio equipment and featuring their CW-25 transmitter.tbn_gross_radio_ad_feb_1934.jpg