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History of the manufacturer  

Murdoch's Ltd.; Sydney

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Name: Murdoch's Ltd.; Sydney    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: murdochs
Products: Model types Brand

Murdoch's Ltd., department store
Corner of Park & George Streets Sydney.

They sold radio kits and parts from 1924 till 1948.

Tubes were sold by the company, with the Murdoch's brand. 

In the 1930's, US type tubes were made for Murdoch's by RCA, Boxes were branded RCA and with the type number. IE: RCA2B7 

Founded: 1924
Closed: 1948

The first radio advertisements appeared in 1924 for crystal sets, valve radio kits and various radio parts. In 1929 they advertised imported King Neutrodyne radios and their own two and three valve sets. They continued advertising radios in the eastern states of Australia until 1948. It is not clear who manufactured their radios from 1930.

Tubes were made for the company and an early "can" type box has been found. In the late 1920's tubes were made for them by Philips 

This manufacturer was suggested by Gary Cowans.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  31 Champion Junior   Information from HRSA Manufacturer of Radios pdf. 
AUS  38 Midlands 5V   DC vibrator power supply. 
AUS  34 Baby   The price given is a "Red Spot" sale price. 
AUS  31 Super Three    
AUS  32 Superhet 5 57   
AUS  38 Allcomer 6   AC/DC set with vibrator conversion for battery power. 
AUS  33 Champion 4/5 Valve Super Het.   Price reduced to £14/19/6 by June 1933. 
AUS  33 Patterson Super   10 valve, AC powered superhet with a push-pull output stage. Tunes from 15 to 575 Metres. 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

From the “Sydney Mail”(NSW), November 5, 1924. Image sourced from Trove – National Library of Australiatbn_aus_murdoch_ad_1924.jpg
Opening of Murdoch’s Radio Department in September 1924. Wireless Weekly Sep 5, 1924, Page 61 Image sourced from Trove – National Library of Australiatbn_aus_murdochs_wireless_weekly_sep_5_1924_page_61.jpg
Wireless Weekly 23rd September 1927tbn_murdoch_s_ww_23927.png
From the “Evening news”(NSW), September 3, 1924. Image sourced from Trove – National Library of Australiatbn_aus_murdoch_ad_opening_1924.jpg
Selling 10 Valve All Wave Receiver, Wireless Weekly Kitsets, and a Smiths Electric Clock in 1933. Weekly Dec 15, 1933, Page 51. Image sourced from Trove – National Library of Australiatbn_aus_murdochs_wireless_weekly_dec_15_1933_page_51.jpg
Murdoch's building, Sydney 1913tbn_murdoch_s_building_sydney_1913.jpg