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History of the manufacturer  

Connecticut Telephone & Electric Company (Sodion); Meriden (CT)

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Name: Connecticut Telephone & Electric Company (Sodion); Meriden (CT)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: connecticu
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

Connecticut Telephone and Electric Company, Meriden, Connecticut, USA.

Dr.H.P.Donle was Chief engineer. He invented and developed the Sodion tube, a soft detector tube working with Sodium vapor, which was evaporated by heating from a reservoir of liquid sodium.

In 1925 Dr.Donle left Connecticut and Electric Company to establish his own company, the Donle Bristol Corporation of Meriden, Connecticut, where later sodion types were developed and manufactured.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  23 Connecticut Receiver Sodion DR6 + D11-1 [3 tube] Sodion_S13  Sodion detector followed by 1- or 2-stage audio amplifier. This set consists of the... 
USA  22 Wave Meter/Filter D-5   Has a link to select series or parallel resonance. 
USA  18 Vacuum Tube Detector Set Type DT-3 VT-1  The Connecticut Telephone & Electric DT-3 .  Made for the Signal Corps US Army in... 
USA  23 Sodion DR6 [1 tube] Sodion_S13  Tunes approx. from 220 to 800 meters. Left hand half of the box can accept two audio ... 
USA  23 Audio Amplifier D-11-1 UV199  Two of these amps fit into the empty space of the DR-6 box, building a complete Connect... 
USA  18 Airplane Radio Telegraph Xmitter SCR-65   The SCR-65 radio transmitter was manufactured for the United States Signal Corps - Also... 
USA  22 J-136 Vacuum tube adapter   Adapts Connecticut S-13 tube to be used in a standard UV based tube socket. 
USA  22 Sodion Detector Coupler J-129   RF-input transformer for Sodion tubes, e.g. the S-13, employed in the DR-6 set.Low impedan... 
USA  21 Sodion JR-3 J-117-Connecticut  The Connecticut Telephone & Electric JR-3 Receiver was designed to use the J-117 tube. The... 
USA  21 Connecticut Detector Unit J-117-Connecticut  1921 Connecticut Telephone & Electric Detector Unit utilizing the J-117 Connecticut tube. 
USA  21 Connecticut Tuning Unit   1921 Connecticut Telephone & Electric Tuning Unit covered the 50 to 2500 meters wave lengt... 
USA  22 J-120 UV201  Introductory ad in QST, December 1922