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History of the manufacturer  

Western Electric Company Inc.; New York (NY)

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Name: Western Electric Company Inc.; New York (NY)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: western-el
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

Western Electric Company Inc., Broadway 195, New York (NY).
Global activities as 'International Western Electric Company'.

Famous for Tubes: the 215-A was the first mass production miniature tube (early 20s),derived from the first peanut tube (end of WW1); licence manuf. in GB as WECOVALVE by ST&C, and in Austria by Czeija,Nissl&Co.; Ref.: Tyne et al.

Production: 1913 -
Documents about this manufacturer/brand
  Storia del Transistor - 1° parte (Per cortesia di L.Salvatore/ARM) 1054 KB
  Storia del Transistor - 2° parte (Per cortesia di L.Salvatore/ARM) 1554 KB
  Storia del Transistor - 3° parte (Per cortesia di L.Salvatore/ARM) 1246 KB
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In 1907/08 the laboratories of the 'American Telegraph and Telephone Co.' (AT&T) in Boston and the 'Western Electric Company Inc.' in New York and Chicago was decided to be consolidated into the New York building of the 'Western Electric Company Inc.' on the corner Bethune Street/West Street. Both laboratories was supervised by the 'Western Electric Company Inc.', but both of the companies remained individual in commercial, development and patent activities.
In 1924 the European activities was covered by the 'Western Electric Company, Ltd.' in London, England.
Representative for Middle and Eastern Europe was E.O.Zwietusch in Berlin, Germany, Potsdamer Str.123b.

In 1883 the company opened a branch office and a small store in London. There was already a branch operating in Antwerp, Belgium. The company's office moved to Norfolk House, Victoria Embankment, London WC in 1918. The exact location of the original office and store is not known. In 1898 they acquired a failing cable factory in North Woolwich, London. An 1899 advertisement shows that the company was making vulcanized cables, electric motors and insulators, among other products. The advertisement also showed offices in Antwerp and Paris.   

The British company expanded rapidly and a new factory complex was acquired in New Southgate in 1922. Radio and tube manufacture was introduced later in the same year and continued until 1925 when the International Western Electric Company was acquired by ITT. The concern was transfered to the International Standard Electric Corporation in New York and the British company name was changed to Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd. 

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  17 Telephone Headset D16017   Navy-type headset as produced during WWI.  Each headset has 1100 ohm impedance, and incorp... 
USA  22 Reflex Receiver R-1W + R5 (Amplifier Unit) 215A  Similar to Northern Electric R-1000. Made in Canada 
USA  25–30 D-81629 101D  D-81629 Western Electric Vacuum Tube Oscillator Date code 1925 Oak case and copper lined... 
USA  18 Spark Transmitter SCR-74 A    
USA  75 109A Loudspeaker   This loudspeaker with integrated amplifier was part of the Western Electric 4A (COM KEY&nb... 
USA  19 Buzzerphone EE1-A   Portable wired telegraph sending and recieving unit for field use. 
USA  25 Gooseneck Speaker Small    
USA  20/21 Radio Telegraph Set Box Type BC-45 VT-1  Military transmitter - receiver. Part of Undamped Wave Radio Telegraph Type SCR-79-A ... 
USA  25 Horn Speaker   Horn speaker. Haut-parleur à pavillon. 
USA  18/19 Filter FL-1-A   Used in the Western Electric Transceiver SCR-68 and maybe others. 
USA  45 Audiometer 6BP 43  The Western Electric model 6BP Audiometer was developed by Bell Laboratories for measuring... 
USA  18 Handle with Push-Button Switch for CW 936 CW 1054   Handle with Push-Button Switch for the Sub-Chaser CW 936 Radio Telephone System.. Poi... 


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1930 adtbn_us_westernelectric_1930ad.jpg
Research Laboratory Building 1923 (together with AT&T labs in same building 3'000 employees)tbn_usa_we_lab_building.jpg
aufgenommen im Radiomuseum Bellinghamtbn_usa_western_el_transistor.jpg