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Lissen Ltd.; London and Richmond, Surrey

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Name: Lissen Ltd.; London and Richmond, Surrey    (GB)  
Abbreviation: lissen
Products: Model types Others Tube manufacturer

Lissen Ltd., 16-20 Woodger Road, Goldhawk Road, Shepherd's Bush, London W12, was founded in 1923 by Thomas Noah Cole. This address is found in an ad in Modern Wireless of October 1923.
Previously it was operating as the Lissen Company.

Other address: Lissen Ltd., 18-22 Friars Lane, Richmond, Surrey.
The Company also had works at Angel Lane Edmonton, London from about 1925.

Founded: 1923
Closed: 1946
Production: 1923 - 1941
Initially Lissen Ltd. manufactured radio components and supplied complete kits for home construction of radio receivers. The Company was purchased by Ever Ready in 1928, and in the following year entered the valve business.

In the earlier years they sold probably only redundant stocks from BTH and Edison Swan but may have fitted their own bases. In later years the valves were from different British and foreign sources.

They produced parts, kits, cabinets and complete radio sets till 1934 / 1935, when Cole left to run Vidor / Burndept.

Most models from 1935 to 1941 were also produced as Ever Ready branded sets, often with a different cabinet and sometimes with brackets to move two controls. Many models from 1935 to 1938 used Pye chassis, though it's not clear if it was more than the metal work. Different models often shared the same metal chassis, even with different types or numbers of valves.

At least one factory was burnt down in the Blitz in 1941. From 1942 onwards only Ever Ready branding was used and only variations of the 1939 all dry portable produced, either due to destruction of London factories or wartime shortages. All Ever Ready production after 1941 was outside London. The Ever Ready parent company wound up Lissen just after WWII, though production branded Lissen seems to have ceased 5 years earlier. There were only battery Ever Ready models after 1941. Only the 1950s BEREC Fiesta had a mains as well as battery after 1941.

Like the 1935 to 1941 Ever Ready, most Lissen models only had the model number on the guarantee card, not on the chassis or rear plate. Some models from 1939 had the name, but not model number on the tuning scale. There is no correspondance between Lissen and Ever Ready model numbers, though from 1939 the last couple of digits are sometimes the same. Equivalents are listed on Trader Service sheets for some models. Not all models were released both on Lissen and Ever Ready badges, especially in 1935 (the first Ever Ready year).

This manufacturer was suggested by Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  40 Kent 8563 ECH3  Probably one of the last Lissen models, about 1941. Very similar chassis to Portland 8503 ... 
GB  32 Two Valve Portable [Battery] HL2  Clip in Metal rear panel. Price approximate, one ot the cheaper models at Manchester Ra... 
GB  34 Car Radio for Ford De Luxe and Popular SG215  Car Radio for Ford De Luxe and Popular. The metallised SG215 works for the 1st HF stage... 
GB  25 Grid Bias Battery - New Process   With taps for each 1.5 V cell. The surface is paper and it contains different stickers.  
GB  99 Dublette ID=247376    
GB  30 8033         
GB  29 5881   Probably Screen Grid RF, Triode Detector and Triode or Pentode Audio direct filament 2V... 
GB  35 Convenient Console 8052 PM13  Also called "Convenient Console" are 8050 (AC/DC) and 8051 (AC mains) Tubes/valves ... 
GB  35 Convenient Console 8050   Also called "Convenient Console" are 8051 (AC) and 8052 (DC mains) 
GB  35 Convenient Console 8051 MM4V  Tubes/valves may be Mullard or Lissen part number marked made by Mullard. Also call... 
GB  33 Skyscraper 4 Ultra SG2V  No cabinet or Speaker included Assumed to have MW/BC, but might be SW only. The "u... 
GB  32–34 Skyscraper 3 8013 SG215  This version of the kit is the chassis only. Lissen also sold cases and speakers separa... 


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Wooden shop sign with slot for printed Model details, price and Hire purchase payments. 1930s 81xx seriestbn_lissen_sign_sml.jpg
Winter 1938 / Spring 1939 Promotion (There are Ever Ready branded equivalents)tbn_lissen_1938_1939.jpg
early 1930s Adverttbn_lissen_lissenola_advert_c.jpg
Cover pages of large 1929 Lissen parts brochuretbn_gb_lissen_parts_cover1.jpg
Lissen radio parts 1924tbn_lissen_radio_parts_1924.jpg
Lissen radio 1930tbn_lissen_radios_1929.jpg
Lissen transformers 1928tbn_lissen_transformers_1928.jpg
Lissen tube ad 1930 Dutchtbn_lissen_tube_adv_rw_18_9_1930.jpg
Lissen tube manual 1930 Dutchtbn_lissen_tube_manual_dutch_1930.jpg
Lissenola 1927tbn_lissenola_1927.jpg

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Lissen Ltd.; London and Richmond, Surrey
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Lissen Background and 1940s
Michael Watterson

See this article about the Model C background and "All Dry" Models of 1939 to 1949

It outlines the connection with Ever Ready and BEREC.

T. N. Cole who founded Lissen, created Vidor in 1934 and all connection with Lissen / Ever Ready ended by 1935 with a "just before court case" settlement with Ever Ready.

Lissen Ltd.; London and Richmond, Surrey
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