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History of the manufacturer  

Ferranti, GB

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Name: Ferranti, GB    (GB)  
Abbreviation: ferranti
Products: Model types Others Tube manufacturer

Ferranti Ltd., Moston, Manchester; Founded by Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti, Incorporated in 1905 (Ferranti) producing electronic goods, e.g. transformers. Entered the valve business in 1933 with the first Heptode frequency changer in GB, the VHT4. Design and manufacturer of valves was in Hollinwood, Lancashire, later also in Moston, Gem Mill (near Oldham), Edinburgh and Dundee.

Founded: 1882
Closed: 1993
Production: 1930 -

This manufacturer was suggested by Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  68 FM/AM Radio 5701 BF194  AC mains AM/FM transistorised table radio. Same as the Ekco A401 model which has a differe... 
GB  67 5503 BF195  A battery powered portable transistor radio covering MW (185-666 metres) and LW (1150-2000... 
GB  27 Audio Frequency Transformer AF7   Ratio:  1.75:1 Primary Inductance:  150/280 Henries The Ferranti AF7 Trans... 
GB  27 Audio Frequency Transformer AF8   Ratio:  3.5:1 Inductance:  20/45 Henries     
GB  50 105E 6K8G  Export version of the Ferranti 105 model with an additional mains transformer tapping for ... 
GB  61 RP1041 ECL82  Portable mono record player fitted with 4-speed Collaro Studio autochanger. This model use... 
GB  34/35 Arcadia Consolette VHT4   A rare radio that isnt mentioned in Radio Radio.  Very poor condition when foun... 
GB  34 Motorset   Self-contained radio for under dash-board mounting HT provided by self-rectifying vibra... 
GB  54 20T4   Table projection television receiver, giving picutre size of 16 x 12-in. Receiver i... 
GB  57–61 Mercury (Tube Computer) EL81  Mercury was an early thermionic valve (vacuum tube) computer built by Ferranti, Ltd of Gre... 
GB  49 600 Volt meter A 501   Electrostatic voltmeter working up to 600 V for both AC and DC (Voltmetro con equip... 
GB  30 Radio Service Tester    


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Publicità sul libro "RADIO" di Ernesto Montù 8°ed. 1932tbn_3809.jpg
Logo vom Datenblatt der Transistortypen ZTX750...753, vermutlich um 1982tbn_gb_ferranti_198x_logo.jpg