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Mullard Wireless, London (see also Mullard Radio Valve)

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Name: Mullard Wireless, London (see also Mullard Radio Valve)    (GB)  
Abbreviation: mullard

Mullard Wireless Service Co.Ltd., Mullard House, Charing Cross Rd., London WC2;

Mullard; GB: Vertretung Schweiz: Seyffer & Co. AG; Zürich 4 . Adresse im Oktober 1928: Denmark Street, London, W.C.2

Founded: 1920
Mullard was founded in 1920 by Captain Stanley R. Mullard. Mullard formed a partnership with the Dutch manufacturer Philips. Mullard sold all its shares to Philips in 1927. Philips continued to use the brand name "Mullard" in the UK until 1988. The company produced components including valves & transistors, as well as products such as radios & television sets. Many Philips sets were produced in the UK using the Mullard name.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  58 Sapphire MKU 2043 UCH81  An AC/DC mains compact 3 band (MW / 2 x SW) table radio in a maroon and cream moulded plas... 
GB  51 Radiogram MAS319/15 ECH42  A table radiogram with the same chassis as that in the Mullard MAS319/15 table radio, fitt... 
GB  55 High Fidelity Pre-Amplifier EF86  High fidelity pre-amplifier designed by W.A. Ferguson for Mullard in 1955. This pre-amp... 
GB  58 High Fidelity Amplifier 20W EF86  This amplifier is designed to give the highest standard of sound reproduction when used in... 
GB  50 MTS521   Television receiver with 12" CRT giving a 10.75" x 8.5" television picture. 6 valve, 3 wav... 
GB  58 Stereo Amplifier 7W ECC83  The circuit diagram drawn in Fig. 1 is for a high-quality, dual-channel amplifier designed... 
GB  54 MAS 276/15 ECH21   
GB  53 MAV 408-15 ECH42  Cabinet partial painted (fake wood).  
GB  54 Discovery (Direction finder) GND-517 UAF42  Direction finding equipment designed for the reception of types A1, A2 and A3 (c.w., m.... 
GB  57 MUS 213 UCH42   
GB  53 FM Signal Generator E7572   FM signal generator. Covers 80-104 MHz for the v.h.f. broadcasting band and 2 to 20... 
GB  36 MAS 318/15    


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Original advertising from magazin:"PUNCH, OR THE LONDON CHARIVARI". Date: October 31, 1928.tbn_gb_mullard_28_ad.jpg
Von einem Bauteil aus einer 1927-er Truhetbn_gb_mullard_logo.jpg
Prospekt 1938-9 Seite 1tbn_uk_mullard_prospekt_1938_9.jpg

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Mullard Wireless, London (see also Mullard Radio Valve)
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Manufacturing of tubes in the Mullard Blackburn Factory
Vincent de Franco

This film of the early sixties shows the manufacturing of tubes in the Blackburn Factory of Mullard.

Film duration is around 30 minutes. Link to the film on YouTube.

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Manufacturing of the A63-11X Color CRT by Mullard
Vincent de Franco

The following film shows with great details the manufacturing by Mullard of the A63-11X Color Picture Tube.

Film duration is around 20 minutes.

Link to the Part 1 on YouTube

Link to the Part 2 on YouTube


Mullard Wireless, London (see also Mullard Radio Valve)
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