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History of the manufacturer  

Osram-Valves GB (not MO-Valves)

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Name: Osram-Valves GB (not MO-Valves)    (GB)  
Abbreviation: osram
Products: Tube manufacturer

GEC is "The General Electric Company Ltd." in England. They produced also the tubes with the brand Marconi (starting 1919). Before Marconi-Valves were made by Edison Swan Electric Co. But since October 1925 GEC marketed also valves (tubes) with the brand Osram. They were well in the market for light bulbs of the same name.

Osram is a brand for valves of GEC's Hammersmith factory which produced also all Marconi valves after 1919 (MO-Valves). "70 years of radio tubes and valves", Stokes, page 198: "At the same time GEC was free to market valves separately under the Osram name but for some reason did not initially do so, probably because there was practically no retail market in existance at the time." It seems that the brand Osram was used from the End of 1925 only" - but continuing also after the WW2.


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