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History of the manufacturer  

Amperite Co., Inc.; Union City / West New York (NJ)

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Name: Amperite Co., Inc.; Union City / West New York (NJ)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: amperite
Products: Others Tube manufacturer

Amperite Co., 567 52nd Street, PO Box 329, West New York, NJ 07093
Amperite Co.: Manufactures time delay relays, flashers and controlling devices. New products include general purpose, pcb, automotive and signal relays. Focus markets are electronic distribution and original equipment manufacturers.
Amperite Co. is a business unit of Olympic Controls Corp./Amperite Co.

Most probably in conjunction with "Amperite, Radiall Company, 50 Franklin Street, New York (1927).

Founded: 1922
Production: 1922 -

1922: Business Incorporated in New York City, NY by Samuel Ruttenberg, produced cartridge-type Automatic Adjusting Resistors (ballast current-regulators) for tube-operated AC/DC radio sets.
1930 (circa): Began making hermetically-sealed ballast regulators in vacuum tube form with helium and hydrogen gas.
1940 (circa): Manufactured hermetically sealed time delay relays in a vacuum tube form with different gases and also developed several series of microphones. An original box for the Delay Relay tube type 6C2 shows address: Amperite Co., Inc.; Union City, N.J.
2002: Amperite Ownership was transferred to Olympic Controls Corp.
2003: Company relocated to West New York, NJ and introduced 20 new series of Relays, Auto, PCB, General Purpose, Power and Signal Relays to complete the line.

This manufacturer was suggested by Otmar Jung.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  38 RB-S   Velocity microphone. 
USA  38 RS-H   Velocity microphone. 
USA  38 RB-M   Velocity microphone. 
USA  38 RA-L   Velocity microphone. 
USA  38 Velocity Microphone RA-H   Velocity microphone. Output -69 dB, impedance 2000Ω.  
USA  39 Kontak Mike SKH   Amperite Kontak Microphone type SKH. Musicians Mike for all string instruments... 
USA  36 Velocity Microphone RBHN   Velocity microphone RBHN. Output level -60 dB, Impedance 2000Ω, frequency resp... 
USA  34 Velocity Microphone RA-E   PVP in Spain 627 Pts (aprox 86 US$) (1936) 
USA  34 Velocity Microphone SR-80   PVP in Spain 1645,60 Pts (aprox 225 US$) (1936) 
USA  38 Microphone RBBH   Ribbon microphone. Similar to Velocity Microphone RBHN. 
USA  30 Self-Adjusting Line Voltage Control   The Amperite Self-Adjusting Line Voltage Control, automatically regulates the Voltage... 


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