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North American Philips Co. Inc. (Norelco); Dobbs Ferry and New York, NY

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Name: North American Philips Co. Inc. (Norelco); Dobbs Ferry and New York, NY    (USA)  
Abbreviation: northam
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

North American Philips Company, Inc.
Main office and factory: Dobbs Ferry, NY (1943)
Industrial Electronics Division: 419 Fourth Avenue, New York, NY (1943)
High Fidelity Products Division: 230 Duffy Avenue, Hicksville, Long Island, New York (1960)
100 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017 (1968)

Brand name: Norelco

The brand was created by Philips because they were not able to use "Philips" in the US. It was used for personal care products and consumer electronics until ca. 1974 when Philips acquired Magnavox.

The Norelco brand was used for personal care products after this, while consumer electronics were marketed as Magnavox.

Many models sold under the Norelco brand were actually made in the Netherlands and carry similar (sometimes even identical) type numbers as domestic Philips models.

Radio tubes of American designs and certain automotive and film projector lamps were made with the Philips brand by General Electric, for export during World War Two. Some tubes have also been located showing the North American Philips Co brand. 

Founded: 1942

On January 9, 1942, the North American Philips Company (NAPC) was founded and incorporated in Delaware. NAPC shares were held and voted by the Hartford trust. They embarked on war production and supplemented their small Mount Vernon plant with the purchase of a factory building in Dobbs Ferry in January 1942.

In June the same year they acquired the American Electro Metal Corp. in Lewiston, Maine, a maker of molybdenium and tungsten rods.

In 1943, the North American Philips introduced the brand Norelco because they could not use the Philips brand due to name similarities with Philco.

Products under the Norelco trademark included electronic temperature indicators, direct reading frequency meters, industrial and research X-ray and other electronic applications. It also covered cathode-ray tubes; transmitter, amplifier and rectifier tubes, fine wire, dies and other products made in the Dobbs Ferry plant.

In 1944, NAPC bought Amperex, then a supplier of valves to the US Navy Signal Corps, and got security clearance to continue as a supplier of the military.

The Dobbs Ferry plant was closed down in 1949, reasons given by Philips were devaluation and permitting of cheaper imports.

Broadcast Engineering, December 1980, writes:
"North American Philips Corp. has agreed in principle to acquire GTE's U.S. consumer electronics business, subject to approval by the firms' directors. No purchase price was announced for the deal, which is expected to be finalized sometime this month. Included in the agreement are GTE's Sylvania and Philco brands of TV receivers, picture tubes, and other components, plus a component manufacturing operation in Juarez, Mexico and sales, service, and distribution facilities in the U.S. and Canada. The Sylvania and Philco brand names will be maintained, according to Frank L. Randall Jr., vice chairman of North American Philips."

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Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  65 4 Band All Transistor L2W54T   Made in Holland See also Philips L2W54T 
USA  66 EL3302/94G   Norelco Cassette Recorder EL3302/94G Made in Holland 
USA  67 LFH 0085/54 AF124  mini-cassette recorder 
USA  60 Norelco B2X08A /00G   Made in Holland for Norelco. 
USA  56 Improved Bass Reflex Enclosure Norelco FRS (I, II and III)   The Norelco FRS Improved Bass Reflex Enclosure was intended for the Norelco FRS speakers. ... 
USA  50 Protelgram Auxiliary Chassis PA-2A 7B6  Power supply for the Norelco projection CRT system. 60 Watt power consumption. 
USA  61 Norelco B3X98A ECC85  The Norelco B3X98A is an AC operated 7 tube BC, SW and FM receiver.  Uses elliptic... 
USA  56 Norelco BX558A   Siehe auch Philips Modell BX558A. Made in Holland for the North American Philips In... 
USA  92 TV MS1460 C101 Ch= 13S407-00AA    
USA  50 Protelgram   Schmidt optic block with deflection system using a CP 90 projection CRT. Powered I.... 
USA  58 Norelco B4X87A ECC85  Norelco B4X87A was made in Holland for the North American Philips Inc. See also the s... 
USA  64 Norelco EL 3528A /54 ECL82  The internal speaker amplifier for this tape unit is mono but the output 1/4" jack for ... 


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North American Philips Co. Inc. (Norelco); Dobbs Ferry and New York, NY
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HIFI Loudspeaker Ad
Joe Sousa

Fellow radiophiles,

I just came across this very humorous bit of adverstising for Norelco HIFI loudspeakers in the  March 1958 issue of "Radio and TV News" magazine. (Click the picture to enlarge)

Interesting to note the audiophile craze has not abated in 50 years.



North American Philips Co. Inc. (Norelco); Dobbs Ferry and New York, NY
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