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History of the manufacturer  

Mullard Radio Company (Australia) Ltd.; Sydney

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Name: Mullard Radio Company (Australia) Ltd.; Sydney    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: mullard
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

Mullard Radio Company (Australia) Ltd.
35 Clarence Street, Sydney (1932)

Associated with Mullard London. Known as manufacturer of radios and tubes. Mullard radios sold in Australia from 1937 to 1939 were made by Airzone 1931 Ltd and from 1939 (there is some overlap) to 1954 by Philips Australia. The Mullard name was discontinued for radios after 1954. 

Production: 1935 - 1954

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  47 658 1R5  See also Philips version, Radioplayer Model 108. 
AUS  51–53 MAS1157 6N8  Bakelite cabinet version of Model MAS1154. See also Philips version, Radioplayer Model ... 
AUS  49 Thousand (1000) MAS1000E ECH35  This model differs from the MAS1000B in the type of output valve used. See also Philips ve... 
AUS  49 Thousand (1000) MAS1000D ECH35  This model differs from MAS1000 in the type of output valve used. See also Philips Radiopl... 
AUS  47 Vibrator Unit 653 Vibrator  Mullard Model 653 Vibrator Unit is intended for use with Receiver Model 658V only. Do not ... 
AUS  37 91 1C4   
AUS  51–53 MAS1157K 6N8  Differs from Model MAS1157 in dial scale, baffle assembly and cursor assembly only. See... 
AUS  35 Master Unit Mark 2   This, like the Mark 1, was a unit designed to fit into an existing cabinet, discarding the... 
AUS  38 96 6U7G   
AUS  39 87 EK2G   
AUS  47 Meteor 600A ECH35  Colours available: Ebony, Rosewood, Ivory, Walnut & Blue. This model is identical t... 
AUS  49 Thousand (1000) MAS1000B ECH35  This model is identical with the MAS1000A except for tuning and oscillator coils, and othe... 


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Mullard Master range of radios from 1937.tbn_aus_mullard_1937_magazine_advert.jpg
Mullard Australia Tube advertisement from "West Australian Wireless News" magazine 1932tbn_aus_mullard_1932_tube_advert.jpg