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History of the manufacturer  

WACO; Japan

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Name: WACO; Japan    (J)  
Abbreviation: waco
Products: Model types Others

WACO; Japan (1970's).
Known as manufacturer of scale models and oldtimer shaped transistor radios.


This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
65 Midnight Owl (Bubo) (Japan 611)   Vision Electronics Midnight Owl; Designed as creme colored owl, their eyes are used as tu... 
72 Decision Maker - Radio   Waco Decision Maker - Radio; AM radio with "YES" & "NO" labeled lamps on the top, triggere... 
72 The Mississippi 1869 Horse-Drawn Fire Engine   Waco: The Mississippi 1869 Antique Fire Engine Radio is a horse-drawn fire engine (fire fi... 
72 Electro Dice - Radio   Waco Electro Dice - Radio, Solid State; AM radio with dice symbols, radio/dice switch, pl... 
70 Duesenberg 1934 SJ Town Car Radio   Waco Duesenberg 1934 SJ Town Car Radio, Solid State; Duesenberg car shaped radio. 
70 Rocket 1928   Nachbildung der Rocket Lokomotive von 1881,Details im Henry Ford Museum 
72 Toy-Ship Motor Yacht (Japan 611)   This WACO toy is a ship with a solid state radio fro AM broadcast only. Made in Japan 611 
68/69 Heritage Jaguar Model Desk Set Radio Radiator Grille   Jaguar Grille shape AM radio; Executive Gift Desk Unit, Desk with 2 pen holders. Grille/ R... 
68/69 Ford model T 1912 2SC454  Ford model T 1912 with built in AM Radio , ABS cabinet combined with metal parts. Gross we... 
72 Lincoln L 1928 Convertible (Japan 611) 2SC454  Waco Lincoln 1928 Model L Convertible Radio; see also the listed Hong Kong replica. Ma... 
71/72 Gol-phone Golf Radio G-71 (Japan 713)   Golf Radio G-71 AM Radio, ABS cabinet, Gross weight incl. Full packing 0.420 kg. Made i... 
63 Jaguar E Type , car model prototype   Jaguar E AM Radio prototype which was ordered from Waco in 1962 trying to obtain a large p... 


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