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History of the manufacturer  

Aegis Pty. Ltd; Melbourne, Victoria

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Name: Aegis Pty. Ltd; Melbourne, Victoria    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: aegis
Products: Model types Others

Aegis Manufacturing Company Pty Ltd was at 208 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne. Their products included coils, I.F. transformers, coil units and assemblies and line filters. They also produced radio kit sets and extension speakers.

Aegis is still operating and the business is still developing products for use in the communications industry.

Founded: 1933
Production: 1946 - 1973
Over the years, the Aegis product range has evolved from radio receiver sets consisting of self-manufactured Transformers, Coils, Antennas and other hardware for the radio enthusiast, to high quality tools and hardware for Telecommunications companies and their technicians. Today Aegis serves the needs of customers in the following markets: • Telecommunications • Data • Electricity • Gas • Water • Occupational Health & Safety.

This manufacturer was suggested by Peter Hughes.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  54 Senior SP7   Speaker enclosure with 7" MSP Driver & volume control. 
AUS  54 Senior De-Luxe 8" S.P.8   Speaker enclosure with a Rola 8H loudspeaker.  Response of 75 - 6,500Hz at 4 Watts.   
AUS  50 4-Band Tuning Unit KC4 6SK7GT  This was a front end tuning unit for incorporation into communications and amateur ba... 
AUS  59 Ezimasta - Transistor 6 Portable Kit T.6   Kit set. Sold by J.H.Magrah, Melbourne. 
AUS  59 Power-Lead TV Filter   Filters electrical interference at VHF TV frequencies. 
AUS  50 Unknown1 Record Player    
AUS  58 Pre-Amplifier Mark 1 EF86  This was designed for use with the Aegis 5/10 basic amplifier. 
AUS  60 Aegis Fidelity Tuner Mark 2 [New, Improved, with cabinet.] 6BE6  This model was available with a choice of four panel designs, including one with knobs ... 
AUS  58 Fidelity Tuner Mark 2   This was designed for use with Aegis control units and 5/10 amplifier. 
AUS  60 Stereo Six-88 12AX7  Aegis stereo amplifier with three inputs.  For crystal or ceramic pick ups.  ... 
AUS  58 Ultra Linear Basic Amp. 5/10 EF86  This is designed to be used with one of Aegis' control units, or with a stereo control ... 
AUS  58 5/10 Amplifier Control Unit   Control unit for Aegis 5/10 basic amplifier. For crystal pick-up or tuner input.  


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Advertisement from "Radio & Hobbies", August, 1949.tbn_ays_aegis_radio_ad_1949.jpg
Advertisement from "Radio & Hobbies", August, 1949.tbn_ays_aegis_ad_1949.jpg
From the "Radio & Electric Retailer", May 2, 1946tbn_aus_aegis_radio_ad_1946.jpg
Aegis 2015 logo. Published with permission from Aegis.tbn_aus_aegis_logo_2015.jpg
From Australasian Wireless World, October, !946tbn_aus_aegis_kit_ad_1946.jpg
Aegis also manufactured Dual Tuning assemblies for radio manufactures and home radio constructors. Radio & Hobbies, November 1951, page 60tbn_aus_aegis_dual_wave_ad.jpg
Aegis pre-assembled and tuned RF coil assemblies, type K1 and KC4. From Radio & Hobbies, March 1949, page 78tbn_aus_aegis_kit_ad_r_h_3_1949_p78.jpg