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History of the manufacturer  

LUMEL S.A.; Zielona Góra

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Name: LUMEL S.A.; Zielona Góra    (PL)  
Abbreviation: lumel
Products: Model types

LUMEL.S.A. is the leader among Polish enterprises manufacturing electrical measuring and control instruments. For 55 years, we deliver our measuring instruments to more than 15 000 industrial companies in various fields of applications: power, chemical, metallurgical, processing, food, consumer goods, mining and automotive industries and also for domestic appliances. Beside the production of measuring and control instruments, we are specialising in

pressure diecasting process and precise machining of aluminium and zinc alloy pressure castings, manufacturing of precise plastics moulded pieces, execution of precise engineering metal parts, design and execution of moulds and tools. More than 50% of Lumel's production is destined for export to 45 countries in the world.

Founded: 1953
Production: 1953 -
The most important dates in the LUMEL's history: 7 November 1953 - Zielonogórskie Zaklady Wytwórcze Mierników Elektrycznych were founded on the strength of the Ministry of the Machine-Building Industry decision. 1 January 1954 - the first moving-iron meter was produced. 18 July 1958 - the Company's name was changed into Lubuskie Zaklady Aparatów Elektrycznych - LUMEL. may 1962 - the millionth analogue panel meter was produced. march 1964 - the Company depended on the newly created Union of the Automation and Measuring Instruments "MERA" and the Company's activity was enlarged by the production of industrial and laboratory electrical measuring instruments for electrical quantities. 1 April 1967 - the Experimental Plant of Measuring and Control Apparatus was created. 5 years later, it was transformed into The R & D Centre of Electrical Metrology. 1969/1970 - years of the highest development of the Company November 1995 - LUMEL received the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate. December 1997 - the Company was converted into a joint-stock state company - LUMEL S.A. May 1999 - LUMEL S.A. received the prestigious Polish promotion trademark "TERAZ POLSKA" for the digital meters with bargraphs series. April 2003 - LUMEL received the ISO 14001 Environment Certificate. Info Quelle:
7.11.1953 Gründung der "Zielenogorskie Elektroapparatewerke A21"
.Januar 1954 : Fertigung des ersten Drehspulinstrumentes>br />1956 Übernahme der Produktion von Kfz- Messgeräten vom Betrieb "ERA" in Warschau.
1958 Umbenennung des Betriebes in "Lubuskie Elektroapparatewerke LUMEL.
1962 Fertigung des millionsten analogen Einbaumessgerätes.
1964: Betrieb wird dem Kombinat "MERA" untergeordnet; Erweiterung des Fertigungsbereiches auf elektrische Mess- Labor- und Industriegeräte.
1967 Gründung des Versuchswerkes für Mess- und Regelapparatur.
1969 beginnt die Fertigung von Schreibern (Lizenz Fa. AEI),universellen Messgeräten "LAVO" und Messumformern.
1995 Fertigung der ersten PC-komplitablen Geräte mit RS-485 Schnittstelle, Firma wird nach DIN EN 9001 zertifiziert.
1997 Umwandlung vom Staatsbetrieb in eine Aktiengesellschaft.
1999 die Produktgruppe "digitale Messgeräte mit Lichtbalkenanzeige" hat das Promo-Wahrzeichen "Teraz Polska" erhalten.
2003- Lumel wird nach DIN EN IS0 14001 zertifiziert.

This manufacturer was suggested by Sandor Selyem-Tóth.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
PL  56 Voltmeter   0-250 V, AC. 
PL  70 Lavo 2   Vielfachtmessgerat, V-A AC/DC meter and Ohm,nF meter.( More info: photo data & http://ol... 
PL  65 Lavo 1   Universalmessgerät für Gleichspannung 0...600 Volt, Strom 0...600 mA und Widerstandsmessung. 
PL  75 Pocket Voltmeter KM 15   300 and 600 V AC/DC. 


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LUMEL S.A. Brand Building, in ~1953.tbn_pl_lumel_brandbuilding.jpg
Vielen Dank für das Photo vom neuen Lumel Werk, Stand Okt 2010 an die Marketing Abteilung des Werkes.tbn_pl_lumel_photo.jpg