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History of the manufacturer  

ITT-KB; Foots Cray, Kent; (ITT Consumer Products (UK) Ltd. ex Kolster-Brandes)

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Name: ITT-KB; Foots Cray, Kent; (ITT Consumer Products (UK) Ltd. ex Kolster-Brandes)    (GB)  
Abbreviation: ittgb
Products: Model types

ITT; United Kingdom/Great Britain branch of ITT, Foots Cray, Kent, England. also ITT Consumer Products (UK) Ltd.

List here ITT models made in the UK as well as the models which were made in the Far East for the UK market.


Formerly Kolster-Brandes, which became totally owned by ITT in the late 1960s. The brand name became ITT KB around 1968 and later, around 1972 just ITT. The official name for the UK division of ITT consumer products was "ITT Consumer Products (UK) Ltd" In the mid 1970's the address was listed as Maidstone Road, Sidcup, Kent, England, DA14 5HT. This is the same address/location as the KB factory in Foots Cray.

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  71 KS653   Speaker driver 8 x 5 inches, 8 ohm impedance. 
GB  71 Stereo System KA2650   Stereo Record player system with FM tuner, fitted with BSR C117 record changer. Output 24... 
GB  71 KS657   Power handling about 3 watts, impedance 15 ohms 
GB  71 Stereosphere Loudspeaker KS656   Power handling about 3 watts, impedance 15 ohms The KS656 speakers could be supplied wi... 
GB  72 Featherlight 12   A portable television with a UHF tuner and 12 inch 625 line black and white CRT which can ... 
GB  69 Unit Stereo KA650   BSR record changer 
GB  79 Intercontinental 4 Band Stereo Radio-Recorder 110   see also ITT Océanic Radio Magnetocassette Intercontinental 110 
GB  83 Alarm Clock Radio CR220 UK, Type 5512 6603 BF324  Analogue Clock radio with alarm and sleep functions. The clock unit (IC PCA1517) operates ... 
GB  69 Junior ML1 CS9018  Socket for earphone. Similar to the ITT KB Junior ML2 model, but with slightly wider MW co... 
GB  84 CR 223 Quartz CR223 UK BF324  Alarm clock AM/FM radio with analogue Quartz clock, with Sleep & Snooze functions. Cl... 
GB  86 Super Touring 350   This Radio Cassette recorder normally has 2 detachable speakers with bass and treble drive... 
GB  69/70 SL50 Electronic SL50 2SB134  Mains power or 5 times C cells 


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