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History of the manufacturer  

Stoddart Aircraft Radio, Hollywood CA

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Name: Stoddart Aircraft Radio, Hollywood CA    (USA)  
Abbreviation: stoddart
Products: Model types Others

Stoddart Aircraft Radio Co. Inc., Hollywood CA. Well known manufacturer of radio equipment for marine and airborne use. Its odd general coverage receivers covered from lower audio frequencies, 20 Hz, up to some gigahertz. Some receivers were said to cover from DC to daylight. Stoddart also manufactured instrumentation, such as field intensity meters.

Founded: 1940
Closed: 1962
Production: 1940 -
Richard Stoddart founded its company in 1940. He had gained a huge experience in US Telefunken, in NBC and in Lehar Jet.

This manufacturer was suggested by Emilio Ciardiello.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  54 Interference and Field Intensity NM-30A   20 to 400 MHz, 1 to 10 µV-per-meter. 
USA  45 Radio Interference Meter NM-20B   Stoddart Radio Interference and Field Intensity Meter NM-20B; 125 kHz - 25 MHz in 7 bands...