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History of the manufacturer  

Canadian Westinghouse, Hamilton

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Name: Canadian Westinghouse, Hamilton    (CDN)  
alternative name:
Westinghouse Canada
Abbreviation: canadwest
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

Canadian Westinghouse Co. Limited was established in Canada in 1903. At one point employing 11,000 people in Hamilton Ontario. Items produced were electric motors, generators, turbines, rail equipment, engines, industrial components as well as consumer electronics and components.

Founded: 1903
Closed: 1998
Production: 1923 - 1965

Radio production started in Plant #1 at 286 Sanford Avenue N. in Hamilton about 1923 with the Aeriola Senior. Production continued there until about 1941. In 1945 radio production was moved to Plant #2 on the corner of Longwood Road and Aberdeen Avenue. In the late 1950's solid-state radio and television production began in Brantford Ontario.
Some radios were also manufactured at 285 Beaver Hall Hill in Montreal QC, however it is not known if this location was ever mentioned on any name plates. Radio and radio parts production ended sometime in the early to mid 1960's.

This manufacturer was suggested by Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
CDN  54 5PC205 12BE6  The Westinghouse model 5PC205 is a 5-tube table top combination radio with 3-speed record ... 
CDN  54 5PC207 12BE6  The Westinghouse model 5PC207 is a 5-tube table top combination radio with 3-speed record ... 
CDN  62 764N7W 12DT8  The Canadian Westinghouse model 764N7W is a 7-tube AM/FM mantle radio. May be similar to ... 
CDN  55 The Tango 5T115 12BE6  The Canadian Westinghouse model 5T115 is a small 5-tube table radio with internal ferrite ... 
CDN  35/36 255 6A7   
CDN  22 Aeriola Senior WD11  Appears to be similar to the USA model Aeriola Sr.  
CDN  32/33 112 Ch=82 224  The Canadian Westinghouse model 112 is a combination BC radio comprised of the chassi... 
CDN  30 99A 27  The Canadian Westinghouse model 99A is a 9-tube console radio for standard broadcast recep... 
CDN  54 5C211 6SA7  The Canadian Westinghouse model 5C211 is a combination radio / 3-speed record changer cons... 
CDN  52 5P201 1U4  The Canadian Westinghouse model 5P201 is a 5-tube line or battery operated broadcast radio... 
CDN  54 6C210 6SK7  The Canadian Westinghouse model 6C210 is a combination radio / record changer.  Uses... 
CDN  54 8C207 6SK7  The Canadian Westinghouse model 8C207 is a radio / record changer console covering standar... 


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