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History of the manufacturer  

Philco Radio & Television Corp. (Aust) Pty. Ltd.

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Name: Philco Radio & Television Corp. (Aust) Pty. Ltd.    (AUS)  
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Abbreviation: philcoaus
Products: Model types

Philco sold radios in Australia under its own brand but manufactured by Email, formerly Emmco. See Emmco.

Founded: 1936
Closed: 1955
Production: 1936 - 1955
Philco radios were imported from the USA up until 1930 when tariff restrictions made it uneconomic to source radios from there. In 1936 Philco Radio & Television Corporation (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. was formed and had their radios manufactured by Email, makers of Emmco brand radios.
After the war Email bought Airzone Ltd. and from 1948 Philco and Airzone branded radios used the same chassis. Production of radios ceased about 1955.

This manufacturer was suggested by Stuart Irwin.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  38 84MV 1C7G  Cabinet style referred to by Philco as "Chester". 
AUS  40 Midgette 40-40 6A8G  Uses same case design as models 41-40, 46-40 (see) and 47-40P. Sets made after serial numb... 
AUS  41 Midgette 41-40 6A8G  Uses same case design as models 40-40, 46-40 and 47-40. Circuit the same as the 40-40. 
AUS  46 Midgette 46-40 6A8G  Uses identical case to models 40-40, 41-40 and 47-40. 
AUS  47–49 47-40 6A8G  Uses same case design as models 40-40, 41-40 and 46-40. 
AUS  37/38 Spread-Band 86VB 1C4   
AUS  38 96VB 1M5G  This radio incorporates dial type automatic tuning with 19 settings and three band spread ... 
AUS  36 609 78  Has continuous variable selectivity and noise suppressor. Uses two chassis. 
AUS  36 65U 6A7  Same chassis as model 65A but with different cabinet styling. 
AUS  36/37 76VB 1A4  Uses synchronous vibrator power unit. 
AUS  38 865 6U7G   
AUS  37 Ford Philco Ch= 83 78  Specifically made to fit Ford cars. Uses a synchronous vibrator power supply. 


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Advertisement from The Canberra Times, May 9, 1936 Page 2.tbn_aus_philco_ad_canberra_times_may_9_36_p2.jpg
Advertisement from the Sydney Mail, July 29, 1936, Page 4.tbn_aus_philco_ad_sydney_mail_july_29_36_p4.jpg
Advertisement from the Sydney Morning Herald, April 13, 1949, Page 6.tbn_aus_philco_ad_smh_april_13_49_p6.jpg
Advertisement from the Sydney Mail, March 22, 1950, Page 7.tbn_aus_philco_ad_smh_march_22_50_p7.jpg
reconstructed speaker labeltbn_aus_philco_speaker_label_2.jpg
reconstructed speaker labeltbn_aus_philco_speaker_label.jpg