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Heussen, M. & Co; Arnhem

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Name: Heussen, M. & Co; Arnhem    (NL)  
Abbreviation: heussen
Products: Tube manufacturer

Gloeilampenfabriek M. Heussen & Co; Arnhem.
Um 1926 wurden Heussen-Röhren unter den Marken: Fairy, Farma (evtl. auch Famar), Splendid, Champion, Aurore, Frelat und Neutral hergestellt, viele davon für den Export.
Tyne, Saga of the vacuum tube, P. 423, 424.
Erb, Radios von gestern, S.227

Production: 1921 - 1927

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Werbung aus: Helios 16/1924tbn_nl_heussen_werbung_1924.png

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Heussen, M. & Co; Arnhem
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Heussen, Arnhem, the Netherlands
Peter den Boer

Heussen     1-5-1916 tot 28-7-1931

Main persons
Goswin Heussen was born on 18-8-1879 and Matias Heussen was born on 20-12-1880 in the town Straelen, Germany. They had both no nationality and became the Dutch nationality on 14-12-1925.
Few is known about Goswin. He was one of the founders of M. Heussen & Co and of the NV Heussen’s Gloeilampenfabriek, but after the bankruptcy of the last company, he disappears from the scene.
Mathias learned the profession of glass blower at the Pope factory in Venlo (Netherlands) at the age of 13. After that he became Vice-Meister at the Glühlampenfabriek Westinghouse in Vienna, Austria.
On 1 May 1916 he founded with his brother Goswin the firm M. Heussen and Co in Arnhem (Netherlands).
As both brother worked hard and had no talent for sales, all the Heussen tubes were sold by sales companies in radio parts.
As there are a lot of companies involved, I will mention them separately.
Firma M. Heussen & Co. 1-5-1916 till 2-3-1926
Adresses :
1-5-1916   St Marten 9-11, Arnhem
26-4-1923   Molenbeekstraat 30, Arnhem
This company was founded on 1-5-1916 by Mathias and Goswin Heussen. They made low voltage lamps like electric torch, bicycle and auto lamps.
At the end of 1920 (first advertisement in Radio Nieuws 1-1-1920) they made there first radio tube, the double ended, low vacuum detector LVB.
The tubes up to August 1924 are difficult to recognize because I have never seen a brand name or designation on one of these tubes (except for one). They have to be recognized from the pictures of a Heussen catalogue, dated 1922. The early ones are easy to recognized on the shape of the glass, but even more on the brass base shell with a bottom of ebonite, with is fastened to the base shell with three brass screws.
M. Heussen & Co made also special ordered tubes:
AURORA. Was sold by the radio parts shop Aurora Kontakt in Amsterdam in about 1924. This is a typical Heussen type H. Is listed as Aurora.
SPLENDID. Was sold in Belgium and. had the text “LICENCE SEM-SBR” on it. At least the Heussen types H and HVL were sold with this brand name and are listed as H_Splendid and HVL_Splendid with the ads of the sales companies.
FLITS. Was sold in 1926 by NV Technische Handelsmaatschappy Delft at the town Delft. Is listed as Flits. Only the box is left.
HERCULES. This brand was sold by the company H.J. van Duijn at Dieren in 1924. The types HD I (Heussen type HVL), HD II (Heussen type H), HD III (Heussen type VE) and miniwatt (Heussen type HS). These are listed as HDI_Hercules, HDII_Hercules, HDIII_Hercules and Spaarlamp_Hercules.
Heussen –Laboratorium Valkenboschlaan 180, the Hague was the sales company for Heussen tubes from early 1922 till August 1924. Partners in this company were M. Heussem 7 Co, C.B.J. de Jager and J.W. Ubels.
Heussen-laboratorium had also a broadcast station with the call sign PCUU. This was possible at the time with a so called “Manufacturers licence’. They operated from early April 1922 till September 1924. They broadcasted music on Tuesday from 20.00 – 22.00 hour and Sunday from 10.00 – 11.00 hour.
For some reason the cooperation between the company M Heussen & Co and the other members of the Heussen-Laboratorium was ended in August 1924.
The name of Heussen-Laboratorium was changed into “Naamlooze Vennootschap Industrieele Onderneming, voorheen Heussen-Laboratorium” and this new company was moved to Oude Molstraat 30, the Hague. They made radio cabinets and there is a claim that they made radio’s also, but there is no proof of this. This company was closed on 1-9-1931.
NV Frelat Export Maatschappij, Singel 69, Amsterdam
This was a wholesale dealer in radio parts. They were also the sales organisation of Heussen tubes between the end of 1924 and the mid of 1929. They sold Heussen tubes, but Heussen was not mentioned and Frelat used brand names like Fama, Famar, Fairy and Frelat. These tubes are found in England, Germany and as far as Argentina and New Zealand. See FRELAT.
N.V. Heussen's Gloeilampenfabriek
18-3-1926   Molenbeekstraat 30
9-9-1926          Molenbeekstraat 32
M. Heussen & Co was renamed on 2-3-1926. This company would produce the major part of Heussen tubes. They went in bankruptcy on 28-7-1931 and this is the end of Heussen tubes.
Radio Heussen tubes.
When the cooperation with Frelat ended, a new sales agent was needed. This became the NV Elco, Utrechtseweg 69, Arnhem. The sold “Radio Heussen” branded tubes till the bankruptcy of NV Heussen's Gloeilampenfabriek on 28-7-1931.
Heussen, M. & Co; Arnhem
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