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History of the manufacturer  

McElroy, T.R.; Boston MA

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Name: McElroy, T.R.; Boston MA    (USA)  
Abbreviation: mcelroy
Products: Model types

McElroy, T.R.; Boston MA: For more details: Tom French wrote the book "McElroy, World's Champion Radio Telegrapher" and published it under "Artifaxbooks" (see also the website with this name).

Something about McElroy from Tom French's publication: "Theodore R. McElroy -- Ted, or T.R., or Mac (he hated his given name) -- was born in September 1904. He began his telegraphic career at age 14, as a Western Union messenger, and within a year he was a telegraph operator. By age 21 he was winning code receiving contests and setting records. He set the all-time, still-unbroken official record of 75.2 words per minute in 1939 (corrected to today's 25-dot word standard, that would be 72.2 wpm). McElroy began manufacturing telegraph keys (his "Mac-Key") in late 1934. By 1941 he had put out about twenty variations of his semi-automatic key, and several variations of straight (hand) keys. There were also code practice oscillators, inked tape keyers and, for the military during WWII, many automatic Morse devices and code training equipment. Mac made millions of dollars during the war, but when demand shrivelled after the war, he lost most of it. In 1955 he sold his company (by then located in Littleton, Mass.). He continued to work for it for a while, then for other electronics companies. He gave code demonstrations, and became interested in local politics. McElroy died in November 1963. Hand keys, also called straight keys, were made by T.R. McElroy from 1937 to 1943. During the war, McElroy was busy making equipment for the Signal Corps, and key production was taken over by Telegraph Apparatus Company of Chicago (McElroy was a partner in T.A.C.)." For the season 1941/42 the Allied catalog for 1942 shows on page 136 quite a few of the popular transmitting keys.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  36–38 CP-180   McElroy Telegraph Apparatus Company (TAC) CP-810 Bug TAC keys are charcterized by&n... 
USA  42/43 Bug P-500   The McElroy P-500 Bug This key looks like an All-Black wrinkle finished Vibroplex o... 
USA  39 Mac Practice Set   Mac Practice Set equipped with Mac hummer having a 1000 Hz note. 
USA  39 Mac Commercial   Made on a crackle finished brass base. Chromium plated lever. 
USA  39 Mac Deluxe Key   Cast brass base, chromium plated. 
USA  39 Mac Audio Oscillator 6C5G  Audio oscillator for code practice. Equipped with a tone control supplying notes at 600... 
USA  39 Mac Recorder   Mac automatic recorder. Will regularly record about 100 wpm. 
USA  39 Mac Auto   Transmits code at any desired speed up to 100 wpm. Will key local oscillator, sound... 
USA  39 Mac Amateur   Black crackle and cadmium plated finish. Ideal for a beginner. 
USA  39 Mac Professional   Polished brass cast base. 
USA  39 Mac Tape Puller   This tape puller allows the tape to be fed through the Mac Auto or Recorder at any desi... 
USA  34–39 Mac-Key Standard   McElroy Mac Key. Early Version of the bug.