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History of the manufacturer  

Beale & Co. Ltd, Sydney

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Name: Beale & Co. Ltd, Sydney    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: beale
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Beale & Co. Ltd, Sydney.

Although primarily a manufacturer of pianos, Beale branded radios were well known in the 1930s. They did not make chassis, only cabinets. Chassis used in Beale branded radios were made by Breville, Kriesler, STC and others. Beale also made cabinets for use by other radio manufacturers.

Founded: 1893
Closed: 1961
Production: 1931 - 1940
Octavius Beale started manufacturing pianos in Annandale Sydney in 1893 and the factory eventually became the largest piano maker in the Southern Hemisphere and in the British Empire. By the late 20's they were making about 2500 per year.

The Great Depression and the popularity of radio hit Beale very hard such that even by 1936-37 their piano production was less than one tenth that of the 1926-27 figure. This downturn forced the firm to look elsewhere for profits. Their expertise in cabinate making and veneer production was turned to the construction of radio cabinets in 1931.

Production of radios ceased just after the start of WWII and was not resumed afterwards. The company was sold to W.H. Paling & Co. in 1961 and the last piano was made in about 1975.

This manufacturer was suggested by Stuart Irwin.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  37 Panchromatic 751 [with 75 valve.] AK2  Price below is for the "Hood" cabinet. This model was available in the "Amoret" cabinet an... 
AUS  37 Panchromatic 751 [with 6B7S valve.] AK2  Price below is for "Hood" cabinet. This radio was available in "Amoret" and "Maestro" cabi... 
AUS  36 754B 1C4  Uses synchronous vibrator power unit. 
AUS  37 752 EK2   
AUS  38 756WB 1M5G  Uses synchronous vibrator power unit. AORSM states that the I.F. is 446 kHz but Mingay's "... 
AUS  38 752A EK2   
AUS  40 185 6J8G   
AUS  40 481 EK2G   
AUS  34 6AB [Armoire cabinet] 6A7   
AUS  34 6AB [Mistral cabinet] 6A7   
AUS  34 6BE 34  The price below was for the "Minstral Pianostyle" cabinet variation. It was also availabe ... 
AUS  34 8BL   This model uses a Westinghouse copper oxide rectifier as the second detector. The price b... 


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Advertisement from the “West Australian Wireless & Musical World”, April 18, 1932, Page 56.tbn_aus_beale_ad_1932..jpg
Advertisement from the "Mirror" (WA) newspaper, October 3, 1931.tbn_aus_beale_ad_1931.jpg
Beale advertisement from the Electrical & radio exhibition 1934,Town Hall, Sydney, February 28th - March 10th.tbn_aus_beale_ad_electrical_radio_ex_1934.jpg