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History of the manufacturer  

Radio Ltd, Auckland

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Name: Radio Ltd, Auckland    (NZ)  
Abbreviation: radioltd
Products: Model types Others

"Radio Ltd." in Auckland (and later "Radio (1936) Ltd.") were New Zealand's largest manufacturers. As well as their main brand "Ultimate" they made "Courier", "Crusader", "Hamilton", "Golden Knight", "Lewis Eady", "Luxor", "Madison", "National", "Paramount", "Rolls" and "Skyscraper" branded radios. "Ultimate" branded radios were exported to Australia from 1935 to 1940.

Founded: 1922
Production: 1923 -
"Radio Ltd." started as an importer, but by 1923 they started manufacturing radios. Their first "Ultimate" was an assembled "Gilfillan" RA-1 kitset. By 1932 though "Radio Ltd." made 20% of all the sets sold in New Zealand for that year and in 1935 made more than 9000 radios.

Geo. Brown and Co. LTD. imported ‘Ultimate’ radio receivers manufactured by Radio Ltd. in New Zealand to Australia. They were located at 267 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW.

At the end of 1935 the company moved to a large four story building in Quay St Auckland. The company was then reorganised as Radio (1936) Ltd. It continued up until 1955 when the company became Ultimate-Ekco (N.Z.) Ltd. See under this manufacturer name for more history.

This manufacturer was suggested by Stuart Irwin.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
NZ  37 Ultimate BCU 6K7  All metal valves except the rectifier and magic eye.  
NZ  47 Rolls 9V. B.C. RG 7A7   
NZ  35 National Type PC 2A7  There is a very similar model to this pictured in John Stokes' "More Golden Age of Radio" ... 
NZ  50 RAW 1T4  Very small AC/Battery set.  No brand found on the set, but there is a bird motif on t... 
NZ  48 Minor RAC 7S7  Alternative valve lineup: 7S7 7B7 7C6 7C5 7Y4 - possible other combinations, often the ... 
NZ  51 Minor RBG ECH21  Updated chassis for the Ultimate Broadcast Minor chassis model RAC Available in ivo... 
NZ  36 Ultimate Baby Grand   Imported and advertised in Australia by Geo. Brown and Co. LTD. 
NZ  32 Ultimate 524 L    
NZ  40 Ultimate ED [Table cabinet.] 6K7  Console cabinet also.  Distributed in Australia by George Brown & Co. Pty Ltd,... 
NZ  55 Skyscraper - Radiogram RCF   SW: 6 - 18 MHz. Monarch BSR changer. 60 W power consumption. 
NZ  47 Ultimate RU 7S7  The moulded cabinet was the largest made in New Zealand at the time.  
NZ  51–53 Ultimate "Cygnet" RBZ ECH21   


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From the Sydney Mail (NSW), June 1, 1938, Page 4.tbn_nz_radio_ltd_ultimate_aust_1938_ad.jpg