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History of the manufacturer  

SEAS Fabrikker AS; Moss

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Name: SEAS Fabrikker AS; Moss    (N)  
Abbreviation: seas
Products: Model types Others

SEAS Fabrikker AS, Ryggeveien 96, NO-1522 MOSS.
"Scandinavian Electro Acoustic Systems", Manufacturer of loudspeakers. Still active.

Founded: 1956
[1948: The owner of Radionette, Jan Wessel, decided to start making loudspeaker units for his own production of radio sets. C.C. Nørgaard Madsen was employed as a designer.
1950: Wessel and Madsen decided to separate the loudsepaker and radio business in order to be able to sell loudsepakers to other radiomanufacturers in Norway and abroad.
1951: The company moved to Moss.]
1956: "Scandinavian Electro Acoustic Systems" (SEAS) was formed as a limited company with two shareholders, J. Wessel and C.C. Nørgaard Madsen.
1961: Wessel and Nørgaard Madsen bought "Videbæk højttalerfabrik" from Nørgaard Madsens father.
1971: "Videbæk højttalerfabrik" was made a sister company to SEAS.
1974: Both companies experienced a major growth and in 1974 there were 250 employees in Norway and 200 in Denmark.
1975: SEAS moved into new and modern premises just outside 1981: After some difficult years, the Danish company managed to break away from SEAS by what the new Norwgian owners regarded as a criminal act. It was named "Vifa" and became a competitor from one day to the next.

This manufacturer was suggested by Georg Richter.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
54 Breitband-Lautsprecher 250-10D   Qualitätslautsprecher mit Hochtonkegel. Frequenzbereich: 30...16000 Hz. Eigenresonanz: 50 ... 
72–77 Kalotten Mittel-Hochtonlautsprecher H 087   SEAS  Kalotten - Mittel-Hochtöner H 087 1,5 inch "midrange-tweeter"... 
77/78 H 098   SEAS  Kalotten - Hochtöner H 098 1 inch "tweeter", Schwingspule Ø  26 m... 
78 H 107   SEAS  Kalotten - Hochtöner H 107 1 inch "tweeter", Schwingspule Ø  26 m...