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History of the manufacturer  

Aitron; (brand /Marke)

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Name: Aitron; (brand /Marke)    (HK)  
Abbreviation: aitron
Products: Model types

"Aitron" seems to be a brand name (or manufacturer?) for transistor pocket and wrist radios with leading "AIE" in the model number.
The country of origin is obviously Hong Kong - but not for shure. Who knows more about?

"Aitron" ist eine Marke (oder Hersteller?) für Transistor-Taschenradios und Handgelenk-Radios mit "AIE" vor der Modell-Nummer.
Als Herkunft ist Hong Kong wahrscheinlich - aber nicht sicher. Wer weiss mehr darüber?


This manufacturer was suggested by Georg Richter.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
HK  80 Choc-Trade AIE1141   Similar models listed here 
HK  70 AIE-1241   Exclusiv AIE-1241, MW Transistor Radio; deutschsprachige Anleitung, Trageschlaufe, verschi... 
HK  99 Dublette id = 144285   Aitron; Trageschlaufe, gelbes Gehäuse, hergestellt verm. in Hong-Kong. Baugleich mit "Excl... 
HK  74 Aitron Magic-Ring AIE-941   6 Transistors - 1 Detector Diode - 1 Biasing Diode. The Model AIE-941 is also known under... 
HK  79 Wristo (Wrist Radio) AIE-1541   Blue & ivory color known. Aitron brand items are made by Emperor, HKG 
HK  76 Aitron AIE-1441   Aitron AIE-1441 LW (no MW range!) transistor radio only built for the french market, assem... 
HK  99 Dublette id = 144285   Aitron brand items are made by Emperor, Hong Kong. 
HK  66 AIE-641   Aitron AIE-641 MW/LW Design Radio with carrying strap in various cabinet colors