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History of the manufacturer  

Elton (brand), Helsingborg

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Name: Elton (brand), Helsingborg    (S)  
Abbreviation: elton
Products: Model types

Elton (brand), Helsingborg.

Brand name established by the company Concentra (H. C. Augustin) in Helsingborg. Propably in late 1932. It is likely that the brand was registered as a separate company "Elton radio AB". This company (and possibly also Concentra) was liquidated in 1935 (date unknown). It is known that a photo- and radiostore called Hefoma (Helsingborgs Fotografiska Magasin) approached the trustee of Elton in liquidation to make some kind of deal about the brand and/or the productionfacilities. It is possible that the last known Elton radio (type 31 of 1935-36) was manufactured under the direction of Hefoma but it has not been securely proved.

Production: 1932 -

This manufacturer was suggested by Anders Söderström.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
35 31 KF1  The last known Elton radio. Manufacturer could be Concentra/H.C.Augustin as for all other ... 
33 Ideal L12 B2038   
33 Atlantic V347 E449   
33 Imperator L244 B2048   
32 V23 [1932 version] unknown_Tube  The first version of Elton V 23 from 1932. Does not have any SW band like its successor of... 
34 120L B2043   
34 230V E446   
33 Imperator V244 E448   
33 Öresund V13 E446  Wavelenghts 20-55, 200-600 and 1000-2000 meters. 
33 Europa V23 E446   
33 Ideal V12 E438   
33 Öresund L13 B2046  Wavelenghts: 20-55, 200-600 and 1000-2000 meters.