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Jinan 济南无线电厂 Jinan Radio Factory; Jinan (Shandong, E)

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Name: Jinan 济南无线电厂 Jinan Radio Factory; Jinan (Shandong, E)    (PRC)  
Abbreviation: jinanRF
Products: Model types

Jinan Radio Factory; Jinan (Shandong, E) 济南无线电厂: Brands: Quan Cheng 泉城.


Jinan Radio Factory; Jinan (Shandong, E) 济南无线电厂:

Shān​dōng​​ 山东, trad. 山東 or Shān​dōng​shěng​ 山东省, trad. 山東省 (Sshěng 省 = province): The province Shandong (Shantung) is in (northeast) East China (E), abbr. 魯|鲁. The capital is Ji'nan 濟南|济南.
Jǐ​nán​ 济南, trad. 濟南 or Jǐ​nán​shì ​济南市, trad. 濟南市 (Shì 市 = citry) : Jinan or Ji'nan is a subprovincial city and the capital of Shandong province in (northeast) East China (E).
无线电厂, trad. 無線電廠 (Radio Factory) = Wú​xiàn​diàn ​无线电 = Wireless (we call it Radio, because most used); Chǎng​ 厂 trad. 廠 = Factory (yard / depot / workhouse / works / (industrial).
The factory can also be written as 山东省济南市无线电厂 or 山东济南无线电厂 etc.

Quan Cheng 泉城, English = Quán ​泉= spring (small stream / coin / mouth of a spring; Chéng 城 = city walls / city / town.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
PRC  66 Quan Cheng 泉城 JP-303 3AG22   
PRC  66 Quan Cheng 泉城 JP-301 3AG14  Brand is 泉 Mandarin quán​ for a spring or small stream 城 = chéng​... 
PRC  66 QuanCheng 泉城 JSK-711 3AG1E  The model QuanCheng 泉城 JSK-711 has broadcast plus SW1 2.3 - 6 MHz and SW2 6 ... 
PRC  66 QuanCheng 泉城 JSK-611 3AG11  The model QuanCheng 泉城 JSK-611 has broadcast only. 
PRC  66 Quan Cheng 泉城 JP-305 3AG14