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History of the manufacturer  

Classic Radio & Television Pty. Ltd.; Melbourne, VIC

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Name: Classic Radio & Television Pty. Ltd.; Melbourne, VIC    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: classic
Products: Model types

Classic Radio & Television Pty. Ltd.
230 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria.
10A Claremont Avenue, Malvern, Victoria. (1946 – 1952)
80-90 Waverley Road, East Malvern, Victoria. (1952 – 1960)


Classic Radio Pty. Ltd. manufactured large radiograms, often with cocktail bars incorporated and Televisions in the late 1950’s. This company was not affiliated Classic Radio Pty. Ltd., Sydney, NSW.

The cabinets were made by Creative Cabinets Pty. Ltd. and Cavalcade Radio Pty. Ltd. marketed the radios and TV’s with showrooms at 271 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW and 230 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria. Both companies were subsidiaries of Classic Radio, grouped as the Classic Group.[1]

The company changed its name to Classic Radio & Television Pty Ltd [2]

David Murray Holdings made a successful share offer for the Classic Group in July 1956.[3]


Founded: 1946
Closed: 1960
Production: 1946 - 1960

In the mid-1950 the company was determined to enter the television manufacturing field. Lacking sufficient resources to develop its own television sets Classic in 1955 entered into an agreement with Raymond Electrics Ltd., an English company, to produce sets designed by Raymond. The production of television receivers rapidly became Classic's main business. The first television set produced by Classic was fitted with a 70° picture tube. These sets were satisfactory but soon sets with a 90° picture tube were introduced. Classic had received a prototype of the 90° set by January, 1957, and when this proved unsatisfactory Classic's Chief Engineer Mr. M. J. Crompton went to England to discuss modification of the new set with Raymond.

In January, 1958, Mr. Crompton approved the original set without the modifications necessary to render it suitable for Australian conditions, as Raymond was not willing to pay the costs involved in making these modifications. The first of the new sets arrived in March, 1958, and they were placed on the market without field testing. They gave trouble from the outset and were never satisfactory.

After some time a new set was developed by Classic in co-operation with another Australian producer. This set had a 110° picture tube. The new set was put into production in April, 1959.

Altogether 3,000 of these sets were produced. They proved satisfactory but came too late to save Classic's reputation. Classic ceased manufacture in 1959-60. [1]


By the 1960s they were producing kits and fully assembled HiFi equipment based on designs published by "Radio, Television & Hobbies" and "Electronics Australia" magazine. They advertised in "Electronics Australia" until at least 1981.

1] VPARL1966-67NoC2.pdf; 1966 Victoria Final Report Of An Investigation Under Division 4 Of Part Vi Of The Companies Act 1961 Into The Affairs Of Reid Murray Holdings Limited.
[2] Government Gazette of NSW, Aug 13, 1954 [Issue No.125] Page 2462.
[3] The Argus (Vic.) Jul 6, 1956, page 15.

This manufacturer was suggested by Stuart Irwin.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  46 580    
AUS  46 TG8    
AUS  46 TM5 [1946 version.]    
AUS  49 20 CP7 (1949) 6J8GA  A magic eye tuning indicator is used but the type is not specified on the circuit. 
AUS  47 CP7 6J8G  A magic eye tuning indicator is also used but the type is not indicated on the circuit dia... 
AUS  52–57 13 CL 6SK7GT  Has a 3-speed record changer. Cabinet finishes in Mahogany, Blonde & Walnut. 
AUS  52 CA [1952 version.] 6AN7   
AUS  52 CB 6AN7   
AUS  52 TM 6AN7   
AUS  52 MC 6AN7   
AUS  52 TG [1952 version.] 6AN7   
AUS  52 BC 6AN7   


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[2] Government Gazette of NSW, Aug 13, 1954 [Issue No.125] Page 2462.tbn_aus_classic_2_government_gazette_nsw_aug13_1954_issue_no.125_page_2462.jpg
[3] David Murray Holdings made a successful share offer for the Classic Group in July 1956. The Argus(Vic.) Jul 6, 1956, page 15.tbn_aus_classic_3_the_argus_vic._jul_6_1956_page_15.jpg
Cavalcade Radio Pty. Ltd. advert from 1947 marketing Classic radiograms. The Argus (Vic.) Nov 5, 1947, Page 2.tbn_aus_classic_the_argus_vic._nov_5_1947_page_2..jpg

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Classic Radio & Television Pty. Ltd.; Melbourne, VIC
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Classic Radio Pty Ltd.
Martin Kent

This post is in regards to the history of the manufacturer Classic Radio & Television Pty. Ltd.

I just want to point out that Classic Radio Service of Haberfield, Sydney was by no means connected to Classis Radio & Television of Malvern. They are two totally separate companies.

Information below quoted from Australian Vintage Radio & Television Forum:

"Between 1946 & 1951 the Classic Radio factory was situated at 10A Claremont Ave., Malvern. The premises is a single fronted 2 storey shop & dwelling. This building still stands and is now a pattiserie/cafe not far from the Malvern railway station. In 1952 Classic Radio moved to larger factory premises in 80-90 Waverley Rd., East Malvern. (This building still stands and is now a Fire Station.)

In late 1955 Classic commenced manufacting television sets. By mid 1956 Classic was taken over by the Reid/Murray group of companies. Television production ceased by about 1960. Classic did however maintain a service & spare parts division at 85 Waverley Rd., East Malvern until about 1964.

Contrary to information on other vintage radio sites, there is no connection between Classic Radio (& TV) Pty., Ltd. of Melbourne and Classic Radio Service of 245 Parramatta Rd., Haberfield, Sydney. Classic Radio (& TV) Pty., Ltd. did have a Sydney branch at 125 Botany Rd., Waterloo between 1949 & 1960."



Classic Radio & Television Pty. Ltd.; Melbourne, VIC
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