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History of the manufacturer  

Valora, Gloeilampenfabriek; Goirle near Tilburg

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Name: Valora, Gloeilampenfabriek; Goirle near Tilburg    (NL)  
Abbreviation: valora
Products: Tube manufacturer

Gloeilampenfabriek Valora; Goirle near Tilburg

Founded: 1925
Closed: 1933
Gloeilampenfabriek Valora existed from May 4th 1925 - July 15th 1933. Its founder was Pierre van Loon. The address was Tilburgseweg A 307, Tilburg. Later they moved to Tilburgseweg 68, Goirle.

The valves look old for their age and emission was not always up to standard.


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A collection of Valora tubestbn_valora_tubes.jpg

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Valora, Gloeilampenfabriek; Goirle near Tilburg
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Valora 4-5-1925 till 15-7-1933
Peter den Boer

Gloeilampenfabriek Valora

Tilburgseweg A307, Goirle

Later: Tilburgseweg 68, Goirle

The Gloeilampenfabriek (incandesent lamp factory) Valora was founded on may 4th 1925 by Pierre van Loon, because on that date he filed for a Nuisance act for a factory that would make all kind of electric lamps.

It is recorded that Valora tried to expoer tubes and had found a wholesale dealer. but import taxes on foreign tubes were 33,3% and Valora tubes became to exoensive. On the two Valora boxes I have, there is printed: "wireless valve", "radio lampe"and "lampe T.S.F.". So the ambition was threr and there are Valora tubes found in Germany and England.

On june 23th 1933 the managing partner G.J. van Loon was convicted of violating the Philips patent nr. 4619 (improvement of metal wire lamps) and had to pay a fine of Fl 25,00 per lamp to Philips in case of further infringment. G.J. van Loon closed the factory on july 15th 1933.

Advertisement and articles about Valora tubes

The only advertisement and articles about Valora tubes have a 1925 date. It is also most likely that the Valora tubes were only made in 1925/1926. They were used by amateurs which builded there own radio. The price of a Volara tube was less than half the price of a Philips one.

The radio tubes of Valora

Hier I have to rely on what I have collected and have seen. I have never found any documentation.

  • There are bright emitters with opal glass without getter and miniwatt tubes with clear glass and getter
  • All have nickel plated bases with tip. In one article there is mentioned a tube without tip.
  • There are 3 seizes of tubes.
  • On the label around the base is never mentioned a type number nor its application. I have one box with the type number ZP1. There are labels in the colours red, blue, green and maybe yellow. According to me the yellow labels are discoloured green ones.
  • Often the filament voltage is corrected with black ink. Probably because the right label was not in stock at the time.

The Valora tubes I know:

Small model   hight *  59 mm diam. 30 mm
3,5-4 Volt, 0,06 Amp 30-75 Volt clear glass, getter label yellow/green
Medium model   hight *  64 mm diam. 30 mm
1,8-2 Volt, 0,06 Amp 30-75 Volt clear glass, getter label y/gr
Big model   hight *  69 mm diam. 33 mm
3,5-4 Volt, 0,5 Amp 50-80 Volt opal glass, no getter label red
3,5-4 Volt, 0,5 Amp 60-100 Volt opal glass, no getter label blue
3,5-4 Volt, 0,06 Amp 30-75 Volt clear glass, getter label y/gr
3,5-4 Volt, 0,06 Amp 30-75 Volt clear glass, getter ** label y/gr
In articles      
3,5-4 Volt, 0,25 Amp output tube   with and without tip
2,0-2,5 Volt, 0,06 Amp      
3,0-3,5 Volt, 0,06 Amp      

*  the hight is given without tip and pins

**  in this tube, the getter paste did not "flash"(getter ingnition by means od a HF coil).

Valora, Gloeilampenfabriek; Goirle near Tilburg
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