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History of the manufacturer  

First Austria, Timetron; Wien

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Name: First Austria, Timetron; Wien    (A)  
Abbreviation: firstaustr
Products: Model types

First Austria tm., Timetrom Co. Ltd., Pazmanitengasse 12, A-1020 Wien, Österreich.

"First Austria" ist kein Hersteller sondern eine "Marke" oder Vertriebsfirma.
Das "First Austria" Modellspektrum fernöstlichen Ursprungs umfasst fast alles ausser Fensehgeräten, der Vetrieb erfolgt heute im Wesentlichen über Internet-Händler.

Founded: 1994
Production: 1994 -
The background of FIRST AUSTRIA brand goes back to the year 1980. It all began with the brand "JOLANDA". The brand was used mostly for watches and Decoration products. In the year 1985 the name was changed to "LEVIS". Due to conflicts with the "Levi's" jeans brand it was decided to make a new strategy and hence the brand "FIRST AUSTRIA" was born. "FIRST AUSTRIA" brand has established itself very successful in the whole eastern European market and has become a well known brand. "FIRST AUSTRIA" brand is registered world-wide with it's "TZS" logo.

This manufacturer was suggested by Georg Richter.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
94 AM/FM Pocket Radio 250   Pocket Radio, made for FIRST Austria. Wellenbereiche: UKW 88...108 MHz; MW 540...1600 kHz.... 
94 Alarm Clock Radio RW-2401   Portable analogue Alarm Clock Radio made by Noname Manufacturer. 
02 AM/FM Clock Radio RW-2405    
92 AM-FM Radio Cassette Recorder 581   Mono Gerät, Kassette , eingebautes Mikrofon, Auto Stop System, Disco lights. 
90 Digital Collection - MW/UKW Elektronisches Uhrenradio 81   Stützbatterie nur für die Uhr. 
? AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio 406    
94 AM-FM Pocket Radio 168B unknown_tr  Pocket receiver sporting a belt clip. Bands: AM 540-1610KHz and FM 88-108MHz. This pock... 
98 Personal Stereo Radio Cassette Player 188   Combined AM/FM radio with cassette player. Headphones included. 
90 High Sensitivity Receiver 561 KA22427  1Ic. 


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