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History of the manufacturer  

Kinevox Inc.; Burbank, CA.

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Name: Kinevox Inc.; Burbank, CA.    (USA)  
Abbreviation: kinevox
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Kinevox was a leading company for synchronous magnetic recording equipment and accessories.

In 1956, Kinevox was a division of Electromation Co., 116 South Hollywood Way, Burbank, California (Kinevox Building). A new 16min Kinevox recorder with extension arms for 1200-foot reels available as standard accessory. Less than 2% intermodulation distortion through complete channel, from microphone input to film playback at full operating level is mentioned then. An other source reads: "The Kinevox Slater records sound synchronization and slate data with an external presetting device. The slater includes an adapter for the BNC Mitchell camera and adapts to any 16mm or 35mm motion picture camera."

In "Journal of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers", volume 54, page 627, a Vice President is named Len H. Roos, when Kinevox Inc. was at 4000 Riverside Drive, Burbank, mail: 4129, Rowland Ave., Burbank. But this could also be just for Len Roos.

The company is also named in the "American cinematoprapher, volume 37, page 386 in 1956. In "Journal" of SMPTE, Society of Motion Picture and Telefision Engineers, volume 65, page 354 in 1956. In "Chemical engineering, volume 63, print 7-8, McGraw-Hill in 1956. In "Military electronics digests volume 1-3 from 1956 on page 32 - and more than five other books of that kind.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  51 Synchronous Magnetic Film Recorder   Kinevox Synchronous Magnetic Film Recorder; For film movie usage, VU meter, playback & ...